Celebrities into Cryptocurrency

Who are the high-profile names most involved in NFTs and digital money?

Celebrities into cryptocurrency: Who are the high-profile names most involved in NFTs and digital money?


Celebrities from all walks of life have jumped on the crypto and NFT train, investing, engaging in different activities, or developing their projects. Regardless of how the price of Bitcoin has evolved over time and the slumps and upturns it has experienced, the most devoted high-profile figures have stuck to this revolutionary technology, supporting advancements in this direction and emphasizing the advantages over fiat money. 

From Mike Tyson to Steven Seagal, numerous celebrities have experimented with cryptocurrency in different ways. However, several well-known names on the list of cryptocurrency supporters have ventured to increased extents in digital money and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), making more headlines than other personalities.

So, who are the celebrities who have invested the most in NFT and cryptocurrency projects these days?

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg, regarded by many as the epitome of hip-hop culture and one of the most famous personalities in gangsta rap, has ventured into many industries other than music across his 31-year career. He spanned different occupations, ranging from songwriter to businessman to cryptocurrency and NFT investor. While celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo, Taylor Swift, and Kanye West have been associated with cryptocurrency endeavors more or less, Snoop Dogg is a figure that has never stopped coming up in these circles, partnering with several cryptocurrency exchanges, additionally being one of the most notable personalities in the Web3 zeitgeist.

Snoop Dogg was among the first public figures to openly support Bitcoin and advocate for its longevity, based on his early forays into digital money. His venture into cryptocurrency started in 2013, and ever since his beginnings, the star has publicly shown he believes it’s more than a fad. Soon after he first ventured into digital money, he started working on NFTs, with his first collection called “A Journey with the Dogg,” launched in March 2021, bringing Snoop Dogge Coins to the world.

The famous rapper further dipped his toes into the metaverse and built an exclusive neighborhood called Snoopverse, where players can perform reality-like activities. Some reports suggest that a participant spent almost half a million dollars for a property near the celebrity to become his neighbor in his digital world.

Several other notable implications in cryptocurrency include an NFT collection on Cardano in partnership with Clay Nation, the “Stash Box” NFTs, and his donation to Ukraine after auctioning an exclusive NFT.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a controversial figure in the cryptocurrency realm. While he is among the most vocal personalities about cryptocurrencies and everything related, he first approached this industry with skepticism and reluctance. However, he later started venturing into the cryptocurrency realm, making enormous investments in digital coins and becoming well-known for his devotion to this type of investment, primarily throughout 2021, when the cryptographic currencies reached their peaks and boosted the affluence of numerous celebrities. That year, Elon Musk’s company, Tesla Motors, poured $1.5 billion into the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, marking one of the most significant investments in the history of cryptocurrency.

Even when cryptocurrencies started to fall from their heights, Tesla’s CEO continued to hold on to his assets, indicating that he believes in the market’s recovery. According to his statements, he would choose cryptocurrency over fiat money in most situations, making his opinion public on Twitter and other media channels.

Elon Musk dug deeper into the cryptocurrency ground. It developed a cryptocurrency, Dogecoin, first intended to bring some joy in the face of falling cryptocurrency prices and the speculative nature of this market. He always pointed to Dogecoin as a better alternative for real-world transactions than Bitcoin, additionally integrating it as a payment method for offerings in his company, Tesla.

Needless to say, Elon Musk is among the most influential public figures in the cryptocurrency sphere and beyond. However, following celebrities on social media should be done for entertainment and educational reasons. Restrain from taking advice from any influencer or public figure, as their endorsements may not always be in your best interest. Use your judgment and research should you add cryptocurrencies to your holdings.

Ashton Kutcher

Besides a thriving career in Hollywood and numerous awards and nominations, Ashton Kutcher, who debuted in the sitcom That ’70s Show, is also a well-known figure in the cryptocurrency world. He has directly thrown support for the underlying technology of digital coins by investing heavily in blockchain since 2013.

Additionally, he’s a massive advocate for advancing the Artificial Intelligence industry, planning to direct 243 million dollars into AI startups, according to the multinational magazine Fortune.com.

Like with any other celebrity, some aspects of his cryptocurrency wealth are hidden from the public eye, probably remaining undisclosed into the future. But what is known is that he’s a strong advocate for digital assets and related projects, supporting the evolution of blockchain technology and AI innovations through fundraising, donations, investments, and other undertakings.

Kanye West

The controversial musician and entrepreneur Kanye West was never reticent to support emerging technologies and innovations in the finance world and beyond. Actually, he is one of the most outstanding high-profile figures in the cryptocurrency circle, publicly vocalizing his opinions and beliefs in cryptocurrency and his investments in digital assets.

Even though the rapper kept making headlines in the news regarding different topics, ranging from social to financial, some of the most noteworthy mentions regarded his advocacy for the first cryptocurrency in existence as “The true liberation of America,” suggesting a good fraction of his earnings is represented by Bitcoin.  

Wrapping it all up

These are some of the most prominent figures in the cryptocurrency industry, some known for investing large amounts of money into digital coins and NFTs. In contrast, others are famous for deploying their cryptocurrency-related projects that gained traction. Aspects about the amount of money they’ve invested in similar assets or profits they made due to their endeavor remain debatable and largely undisclosed. Still, they will continue to represent substantial cryptocurrency devotees, supporting advancements in this industry.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile investments, but this is not a cause of worry for some individuals. If you are willing to experiment with digital coins, non-fungible tokens, and related endeavors, ensure you make unbiased decisions and only resort to reliable sources of information.



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