Celebrating Innovation at FW24 New York Men’s Day

The 21st edition of New York Men’s Day (NYMD), a cornerstone event for emerging talent in the fashion industry, presented by Hilldun, concluded with a showcase of creativity and innovation. Held on February 9th, 2024, at Location 05 in the heart of Manhattan, NYMD spotlighted eight groundbreaking designers who are redefining menswear and genderless fashion.

Celebrating Innovation at FW24 New York Men's Day

Morning Session Highlights


Pioneering the genderless fashion movement, LANDEROS NEW YORK unveiled a collection that challenges traditional norms, blending bold textures with a versatile palette to create pieces that transcend gender boundaries.

Back Story: New York-based designer Andre Landeros Michel founded LANDEROS NEW YORK in 2013. Each collection emerges from the music of his youth. Immersing himself in music for weeks at a time, Andre allows the blend of goth, punk, new wave, and industrial music genres to inspire and initiate his design process. LANDEROS NEW YORK is dark, romantic, and gender-neutral at its core. By intricately weaving his love of art and new wave music into the fabric and design of each collection, Andre Landeros Michel crafts the distinct LANDEROS NEW YORK aesthetic. Exaggerated silhouettes and details derive inspiration from new wave album artwork and 80’s nightlife subcultures. LANDEROS NEW YORK enjoys blurring and eliminating sartorial gender binaries, allowing the individual to imbue their meaning into each piece. A truly genderless, or agender collection, LANDEROS NEW YORK is a label for the daring. With a cult following, celebrities the likes of Emmy-award winning star Billy Porter, Jeremy Pope, Dashaun Wesley and musicians such as Neko Case, FisherSpooner, Fantasia, Moses Sumney, Honey Dijon, Greyson Chance, Bright Light Bright Light, Cakes Da Killa, all count on LANDEROS NEW YORK for their bespoke red carpet and stage performance looks. Landeros’s noteworthy runway shows include S/S24 British Virgin Islands Tortola, S/523 Brooklyn Museum, S/S20 London Fashion Week Somerset House and S/S19 Stockholm Fashion Week. Landeros had been handpicked to close both the S/S20 Dapper Q Show at the Brooklyn Museum and highlighted at the Boston MA/Museum of Fine Art’s Gender Bending Fashion Exhibition Spring 2019 Show. LANDEROS NEW YORK has also expanded into the world of costume design. Andre has created costumes for the HBO MAX dance/voguing competition series LEGENDARY for both Season 2 and Season 3 respectively. LANDEROS NEW YORK continues to cast models of a variety of races, skin tones, and ethnic backgrounds, championing diversity + equality and always seeking to find beauty in the unconventional. LANDEROS NEW YORK has been featured in the pages of American Vogue, British Vogue, Vogue Italia, Harper’s Bazaar India, Marie Claire, GQ, and WWD to name a few.


Sivan‘s menswear collection brought a fresh perspective to classic silhouettes, infusing them with contemporary touches and intricate details that cater to the modern man.

Back Story: Jack Sivan is a sustainable menswear designer whose work is inspired by traditional tailoring. He is passionate about the craft of garment making, menswear and its expanding definition, and sustainable manufacturing, which he believes is inherent in good design. Inspired by historic Saville Row and Neapolitan tailoring traditions, Jack fell in love with men’s suits. As a teen, he taught himself how to sew and created an upcycled bowtie company. He went on to receive a formal arts education at the Rhode Island School of Design and holds a BFA in Apparel Design and a minor in Sustainability Studies. Jack’s career took him through a range of creative labels before began his own. His brand, Sivan, began in 2020 with bespoke garments for a dedicated clientele. He is currently working to expand his brand’s scope, creating a ready-to-wear line centered around his twin passions, sustainability and tailoring. Jack is dedicated to making pieces that clients are excited to wear every day and will stand firm to the test of time.

Terry Singh

Terry Singh showcased his unique take on menswear with a collection that melds cultural influences with modern design, offering garments that are both innovative and wearable.

Backstory: Terry Singh, raised in the vibrant cultural mosaic of New York City, began his journey in the world of fashion during the late ’70s. The dynamic city with its eclectic mix of influences served as the backdrop for his formative years and eventually kindled his artistic vision. Terry’s life took an unexpected turn when he ventured into the heart of India in search of self-realization and transformation. While not seeking solitude, he found himself immersed in the richness of Indian culture amidst the tranquil mountaintops. Living the life of a yogi high in the serene mountains marked a profound chapter of his life and ignited a deep sense of liberation and self-discovery. The transformative experience in India catalyzed Terry’s journey into the world of fashion. Upon his return to the bustling streets of New York, he brought with him the lessons and inspirations from his spiritual awakening. His life’s mission had shifted, and he sought to translate the profound sense of liberation he experienced into the realm of fashion. His
creations became a form of self-expression, a celebration of individuality, and an embodiment of the transformative power of clothing.


With an eye for vibrant colors and dynamic patterns, Y.Chroma‘s collection stood out for its energetic designs that inject a dose of playfulness into the menswear landscape.

Back Story: Y.Chroma focuses on male midlife re-invention, targeting a customer base typically comprising men aged 40 and above who have found themselves dressing in forgettable shades of gray or navy blue repeatedly. The brand steps in at the juncture when these individuals decide it’s time for a change. Recognized for our commitment to vibrant colors, European craftsmanship, and a fascination with unique textiles, the House of Y.Chroma sets itself apart as a brand that educates. Transitioning from a monotonous wardrobe to one filled with confident colors is a journey, and we aim to accompany our customers at every stage of this process. While our reputation may precede us for our bold aesthetic choices, it’s essential to highlight that Y.Chroma is more than just a fashion label; we are a teaching brand. The fashion industry often projects an exclusive, intimidating image, creating barriers for individuals, especially those in their midlife, who may see themselves as “fashion outsiders.” Despite holding significant spending power, this demographic can feel disconnected from the fashion world. Consequently, we engage not only in discussions about our products but also lead candid, and at times humorous, conversations about the reinvention process that all men undergo during midlife.

Acknowledging that midlife reinvention is a universal experience, I guide our customers through this phase with frank discussions. We believe that choosing what to wear in the morning is a reflection of the version of oneself one wants to present to the world. Our mission is for our customers to genuinely adore the transformation and the newfound confidence that comes with embracing their unique style.

Afternoon Session Standouts


BULAN‘s unisex collection blurred the lines between male and female fashion, presenting pieces that are fluid, functional, and fashion-forward, catering to a diverse audience.

Back Story: From Bangkok, Thailand, Beam Ratchapol Ngaongam started his journey as a menswear designer; however, along the way, he became torn between his love for knitting and his passion for sewing. Beam caught his attention in textile, design, and stitches in knitwear. With his passion, he soon began to emerge in 3D knitwear design. In addition to studying traditional knit techniques, Beam was struck by the luxurious aspect that knitwear volume can offer, even more than the tedious knitting process itself.

Pas Une Marque

Emphasizing craftsmanship and sustainability, Pas Une Marque‘s menswear collection offered a thoughtful blend of style and substance, with garments that speak to the conscious consumer.

Back Story: Pas Une Marque is heavily invested in its ‘why’ – driven by philosophy and seeking to promote a deeper sense of meaning.


Tarpley‘s collection, which spans menswear and womenswear, showcased the brand’s versatility, presenting an array of pieces that celebrate individuality and self-expression.

Back Story: Tarpley Brooks Jones operates between Nashville and New York City. This dual foundation, rooted in each location’s distinct values, forms the bedrock of TARPLEY. It represents a harmonious union of practicality and idealism, intertwining a mission and a vision. This mission goes beyond the mere creation of captivating fashion; it is a commitment to propelling our world toward sustainable energy practices. The vision is to transcend the boundaries of fashion by utilizing creative energy to foster consciousness and spread positivity.

The Salting

The Salting captivated attendees with its genderless collection that emphasizes natural fabrics and minimalist design, promoting a timeless aesthetic that appeals to all.

Back Story: A design duo with extensive backgrounds in fashion design & successful careers within the luxury sector of the fashion industry / appreciating our journey of growing the brand and business.

Sponsor Appreciation

NYMD extends heartfelt thanks to its sponsors, including Hilldun Corporation, a stalwart in the apparel industry known for its financial services. The event also benefited from the luxury hair care expertise of Oribe, the innovative beauty solutions of Augment, and the refreshing contributions of Smartwater, Vitaminwater, and Topo Chico.

As NYMD continues to be a platform for discovery and innovation, this edition has once again proven the vitality and diversity of the menswear and genderless fashion scene. Each designer brought their unique vision to the runway, offering a glimpse into the future of fashion.


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