Brooklyn Fashion Week

New York City is one of the fashion capitals of the world. In Brooklyn this week, the borough is celebrating its 10th year in fashion. The Kings Plaza Mall in Brooklyn hosted the opening ceremony which leads to one week of incredible fashion, events and parties across the borough. If you want to know more about the events and the schedule click onto the link below for this special event.

Brooklyn Fashion Week Schedule


Models, stylists, designers and fashionista’s from Brooklyn Fashion Week’s Opening Ceremony at the Kings Plaza Mall in Brooklyn on Sunday May 1st, 2016.

Byron Howard and Sergio Delavicci IMG_5178 IMG_5193  IMG_5196 IMG_5197 IMG_5198 IMG_5199 IMG_5200 IMG_5201 IMG_5202 IMG_5203 IMG_5204 IMG_5205 IMG_5206 IMG_5207   IMG_5272 IMG_5273  IMG_5275 IMG_5276 IMG_5279 IMG_5280 IMG_5281 IMG_5282 IMG_5283 IMG_5284 IMG_5285 IMG_5289 IMG_5290 IMG_5291 IMG_5292 IMG_5294 IMG_5295 IMG_5296 IMG_5297 IMG_5298 IMG_5299 IMG_5300  IMG_5304 IMG_5306  IMG_5308 Ingrid Gray Rose

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