Bronze Design from Promemoria

Bronze Design from Promemoria

For centuries, bronze has been used to create a classic, enchanting and welcoming look in many homes. It has a quiet refinement and an understated, timeless quality, which is why Romeo Sozzi – the creator of the majestic Lake Como-based furniture brand Promemoria –  has been championing the use of this metal in his designs featuring it from furniture, to lighting, to accessories, adding it for an accent or trim as a subtle piece of design interjection that speaks of luxury and elegance.  Bronze is the metal of the moment. It is wonderfully versatile and works well with many different finishes and materials making the surface of the leather vibrate and textures of the most sophisticated fabrics pop.

Below you can find just a few of exquisite furniture pieces from Promemoria featuring bronze, with two of the designs created in collaboration with David Collins – David Collins Studio (The London Collection) and Bruno Moinard (Bruno Moinard Capsule Collection).

Belgrave Mirror

Belgrave Mirror belongs to “The London Collection,” the result of a collaboration with David Collins Studio and a tribute to the elegance of the most important gardens in London. The Belgrave mirror is upholstered in leather, with details in medium smooth striped bronze casting. (From $11380 = 100×230 cm)


Moka & Roka Chairs have a beechwood structure, completely covered in fabric and leather. The two chairs can be with or without armrests in hammered bronze and are distinguished by the hole in Moka’s back. (Moka: starting from $3940; Roka: starting from $4730)

Gong Bedside Table

Gong Bedside Table has a decidedly modern line, obtained from its use of bronze. From $9090 = 60x45x65 cm; (From $6320 = 80x45x65 cm)

Jorinda Floor Lamps

Jorinda Floor Lamps – The hammered bronze structure, with alabaster lampshade, recalls the shape of an acorn and tells the story of a squirrel that runs to stock up for the winter. (Floor lamp: $8880 = ø42×h66 cm; $9730 = ø42×h120 cm; $10250 = ø42×h160 cm; Hanging lamp: $7750 = ø34×h120 cm)


Moscou Coffee Table belongs to the “Capsule Collection” by Bruno Moinard, a famous French designer who collaborated with Promemoria. The coffee table is made entirely of bronze, with various shades of color. (From $24880 = 218×35 cm/128×35 cm)

Elisabeth Lamp

Elisabeth Lamp is a table lamp with a Victorian flavor, characterized by precious materials and soft shapes that recall the profile of a woman. The lamp turns on when touched, it is in hammered bronze with oval lampshade in linen, cotton or silk bordered by hand. ($6610)


Tornasole Table is designed to be hospitable and gather a large number of people around the “rays” that inlay the top; or able to perform, alone in the center of a room, a role of prestige. Starting from the bronze pedestal, Tornasole claims to belong to the world of classical furnishings. (From $23630 = ø191,5×h75 cm; $20380 = ø96,5×h75 cm in Calacatta marble; in Breccia Medicea = $30500; in Onyx = $30750)


EDO are small tables in bronze made in two versions: smooth dark bronze and smooth gold bronze. These tables, equipped with wheels hidden under the cylinder, are practical, discreet, useful as a table-servant and absolutely beautiful to behold.

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