Brodie Neill presents a new collection, Material Consciousness, for Sotheby’s London

Brodie Neill presents a new collection, Material Consciousness, for Sotheby’s London

Brodie Neill presents a new collection, Material Consciousness, for Sotheby's London

The collection focuses on nine new sustainable furniture pieces highlighting Neill’s areas of material research: ocean plastic; reclaimed timbers, and circular metals.

6-19 May 2022

London, May 3rd – London-based Australian designer Brodie Neill presents a new collection of work for Sotheby’s in May. Part of Sotheby’s ongoing Design series, the selling exhibition Material Consciousness will be on show at the auction house’s New Bond Street location and online via from 6-19 May 2022.

Featuring nine new sustainable furniture pieces, the collection showcases Neill’s desire to reshape the world’s most precious resources into a range of collectible design pieces.

Presented as a triptych, the collection focuses on three specific fields of material research; ocean plastic, reclaimed timbers, and circular metals. Each design applies Neill’s signature rigor and resolves to the complex issues of waste and the world’s finite resources.

Through technical and creative innovation as well as painstaking preparation, Material Consciousness presents a deep understanding of the process and the true potential of circular design.

Brodie Neill presents a new collection, Material Consciousness, for Sotheby's London 11


Brodie Neill says: “Material Consciousness represents the convergence of over a decade of design research into material circularity and the redefining of waste.  It’s an honour to have Sotheby’s select my work not only for its aesthetic merit but for the environmental issues it addresses”.

Elena Checci, Specialist 20th Century Design at Sotheby’s London says: “What is captivating about Brodie’s work is his creation of beautifully crafted designs realised through the development of innovative processes. From salvaging, transforming and ennobling abandoned materials to plastic waste, recyclable metal and reclaimed wood.  His equal attention to form, material and process is clearly revealed in the impressive works he produces, which never compromise on functionality”.


Ocean Terrazzo is an innovative material produced by fragments of ocean-plastic waste. First developed the Australian Pavilion at the inaugural London Design Biennale in 2016, Neill collaborated with an international network of scientists, researchers, environmental experts, beachcombers, engineers, artisans and manufacturers to produce the terrazzo-like composite that is compiled of reconstituted small fragments of plastic washed up on the shores around the globe.

Neill says: “The environmental issue of ocean plastic is vast and complex.  Plastic is a material built to last yet carelessly discarded after a single use.  My aim is to recapture that material potential with each piece of microplastic forming the building blocks to a better future, where each coloured fragment forms a pixel to the bigger picture”. 

For Material Consciousness Neill has produced three new limited edition pieces: Gyro Second Wave, a contemporary rendition of a 19th-century tabletop that substitutes traditional marble, timber, and ivory with Ocean Terrazzo (Limited edition of 5 + 2AP + 2 prototype) Jetsam, a triangular dining table that makes use of the thousands of microplastic fragments left over from the Gyro table’s creation.

With a strong mix of greens, yellows and reds the triangular Ocean Terrazzo dining table is backed in a deep forest green (Edition of 12 + 2AP + 2 prototype). And finally Flotsam, a low elliptical table that consists of black-backed Ocean Terrazzo. Edition of 20 + 2AP + 2 prototypes.

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In response to the devastating effects of deforestation and the catastrophic consequences of climate change, Neill’s practice often utilizes reclaimed timbers in the pursuit to reuse what is already in circulation. By sourcing salvaged materials from demolitions, exotic hardwoods like Mahogany and Panga Panga have been painstakingly refurbished into the building blocks of Neill’s latest timber creations.

Torso is a series of three side tables with biomorphic silhouettes carved from a stack of laminated, reclaimed Panga Panga parquet. The hundreds of blocks of this rare tropical hardwood used for Torso have been salvaged from a school in Leicester where it lay as a herringbone floor for almost 60 years (Edition 20 + 2AP + 2 prototypes).

Using reclaimed Rhodesian Mahogany salvaged from floorboards used in a hospital in Hastings, the Longitude Bench is formed using a cross thatched technique developed by Neill that is structurally lightweight whilst surprisingly rigid (Limited edition of 8 + 2AP + 2 prototypes ). Elevating this structural moiré pattern to new heights is the Altitude Chair that pins each coordinate of rich-toned wood with brass rivets. Limited edition of 8 + 2AP + 2 prototypes.

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Highlighted as two of the most infinitely recyclable metals in circulation, Neill melds stainless steel and bronze into singular sculptural forms for the exhibition. Encompassing form and function, these materials are expertly shaped into loops and voids with each design exploring the versatility and long-lasting qualities of the inherently sustainable material.

Formed from a single surface of infinitely recyclable metal, the Atmos Desk and Atmos Console meld form and function with sculptural precision. The Atmos Desk is finished in a two-toned technique of a mirror-polished void and satin metallic exterior, the desk cantilevered planes and cascading uprights fuse at the central hyper-reflective vortex.

Limited edition of 8 + 2AP + 2 prototypes The taller Atmos Console celebrates the duality of bronze finishing in a slender console table reflecting its warmer inner tones through the central void contrasting with the smooth satin exterior. Limited edition of 8 + 2AP + 2 prototypes.

Material Consciousness will also feature Neill’s iconic @ Chair design, produced in mirror-polished stainless steel that reflects Neill’s early explorations into form and function as a seamless mobius-strip-like entity. Encompassing the entire configuration of a chair within a single gesture, the @ Chair was included in Time Magazine’s Design 100 in 2008.  Limited edition of 8 + 2AP + 2 prototypes.

Brodie Neill presents a new collection, Material Consciousness, for Sotheby's London 17

Brodie Neill – Material Consciousness
Selling Exhibition
6 -19 May 2022
Sotheby’s London
34-35 New Bond Street
London W1A 2AA


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Since establishing his studio in London’s East End, Brodie has worked with an impressive roster of clients including Riva 1920, Swarovski and Kundalini, he has collaborated with international brands including Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz and Alexander McQueen, and his limited edition works are included in museums, galleries and private collections around the globe.

He founded Made in Ratio in 2013, a self-designed and self-produced furniture brand. In 2016, Brodie Neill represented Australia at the inaugural London Design Biennale at Somerset House with a critically acclaimed installation Plastic Effects, where he launched his now iconic Gyro table.

In 2017, he presented a multimedia installation Drop In The Ocean, an Official London Design Festival Project. A longstanding champion of using ocean plastic waste to create new materials, Brodie has spoken about his self-created Ocean Terrazzo material at the European Union Parliament and the United Nations.

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