Breakout Rapper Cel Nolackin Shares His Truth On Addictive New Track “Sliding & Providing”

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Breakout Rapper Cel Nolackin Shares “Sliding & Providing”

Rising hip-hop phenom Cel NoLackin returns with the electrifying new single “Sliding & Providing,” out today via LLC4 Records/Capitol Records. Melodic and propulsive, the banger showcases the 16-year-old’s aggressive flow and lyrical prowess. The message is clear: Cel NoLackin is here and he means business. Listen to “Sliding & Providing” Here

“Ain’t nobody as big as us, catch an opp and we filling ’em up,” the Pennsylvania teen spits over the delicate piano and tight percussion. “Ain’t no feelings inside of this game, better get you a bag and just run it up.” Later, at the chorus, he adds: “Sliding, providing — my guys know that NoLackin got em.” It’s anthemic and substantive, underlining the newcomer’s poise and precision.

“Sliding & Providing” arrives on the heels of his explosive track “Kick Door” with Skrilla, which was preceded by “Uber,” “No Lackin Flow,” and “Told You.” For the last year, Cel NoLackin has been on a tear, dropping music left and right following the release of his breakout track “Homicide” with Trench Baby — a highlight of the 2023 project Youngest in Charge, an eight-song set that also includes the viral hit “Nuketown.”

One thing is certain, NoLackin’s star is rising — he already has co-signs from Trippie Redd, EST GeeTrench Baby, and OG Three NBA — and with “Sliding & Providing,” he ups the ante even further by releasing an infectious anthem for anyone with big plans and ambition.

About Cel NoLackin

About Cel NoLackin:


Cel NoLackin has a gift for the unexpected. On breakout hits like “Homicide” or the blistering mission statement “NOLACKIN!,” the 16-year-old rapper’s voice teeters on the brink of chaos, navigating complicated technical runs with the confidence that a verse won’t rip apart at the seams—even when it sounds, exhilaratingly, like it might. He has uncommon insight for a person his age and a knack for putting those insights in unforgettable terms. Take, for example, the way he describes his hometown of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, as a “trouble bubble.” But when he was still a child, a proliferation of recording studios in the state capital provided an alternate route for those who chose to take it. His talent was quickly evident—as was his ability to evaluate his skillset in real time, and to adjust as those skills evolved. Now, he channels his energy in the studio, turning out inimitable songs in as little as five or ten minutes. This ingenuity allows him to shine even in situations that might have intimidated his peers, as when he linked up with the superproducer Southside, who has become a key collaborator and mentor. Cel’s eight-song project from early 2023, Youngest in Charge, confirms him as an uncommonly sophisticated writer and a deeply arresting vocalist. With more music on the way, he looks forward to revealing even more layers of his personality and past. “I wanna be uncomfortable,” he says. “Because when I’m uncomfortable, I thrive.”

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