Borsalino’s World Invites Us Home, Literally

Borsalino's World Invites Us Home, Literally

Borsalino in Italy means legend. From the iconic images of Humphrey Bogart with the hat that today we just call “the Bogart” onwards, Borsalino has meant The Hat for hats lovers. As one of those brands that managed to pass through decades staying a must-have across generations, during Milano Fashion Week, the brand has presented its winter (not summer yet) collection, in the best transitional way: -literally- opening its doors to the youngest generations.

To love a brand, you need to be aware of its quality, participate of its passion and reason with its origins. You’d agree that what makes you choose a brand over the other, it’s the way it fits you, even emotionally. Pretty much everyone in Italy with solid love for fashion, knows about Borsalino, and can spot one of their hats by far.

As an internationally known brand that moved from black and white movies to today Hollywood, and rock and pop stars of every decade, embracing every new generation as part of the family is DNA for the brand. This is why for this season, Borsalino opened the door to two of the Maison’s legendary location: Spinetta Marengo and Villa Borsalino.

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The brand celebrates the new season collection that was inspired by the 19th century English Arts and Crafts artistic movement and illustrious, modern-day pop cultures shooting on location right in the home of  founder Giuseppe Borsalino founder’s heirs and in Spinetta Marengo manufacture.

Villa Borsalino, residence to the world’s most famous hat making family, is full of unique charm and contemporary spirit: it’s the ultimate Italian villa, where reality matches fantasies about the Italian style, a balanced mix of old and new and it is reflective of both founder and his descendants passion for art and travel.

Continuity is a value for Italy: we grow into something new, but we do not forget where we came from, there is always a hand holding to our roots and another one stretching to our future. This is the spirit in which the Made in Italy stands out for being sizeable, always evolving, technology friendly, eco friendly and timeless.

Borsalino’s Spinetta Marengo manufacture is symbolic of how this Italian way translates into business.  It’s a kind of a magical place where talented craftsmen and machines work together side by side, an extension of what it is necessary to be Italian excellence: know-how, tradition, research, technology, passion and fusion.

Between the antique wooden tools and puffs of steam, a one-of-a-kind manufacturing process has been passed down from generation to generation. Requiring talent, time and expertise, each Borsalino hat necessitates more than 50 manual steps and a minimum of 7 weeks to complete. I repeat: each hat takes 50 manual steps and 7 weeks of work. Kind of the Italian way: never choose the easy way, choose the best way, whatever commitment it requires. And that is why Italian fashion is a work of passion. You must love, love, love what you do, love the perfection that comes out of so much commitment, and love the product that your are creating.

Authored by photographer and young talent Helmut Berta, the new Borsalino Fall/Winter 2020-21 campaign interprets the collection with a modern edge and displaying effortlessly, as it should be, different ethnicities beautifully mixing in the welcoming Piemontese environments.

The new set of images launches at the end of September 2020 across all its social networks.

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