Anna Yusim, MD, is shining a bright new light on healing with her book “Fulfilled”, which explores the role of spirituality in a person’s overall wellbeing. Her treatise provides a persuasive argument for this method by bringing together traditional wisdom, quantum physics, existentialism and psychodynamics into perspective while providing helpful tools in reaching new levels of awareness and health. To date the book has drawn an impressive number of reviews from many authorities in the medical field who are praising its valuable contribution to psychotherapy. The respected psychiatrist launched her book recently in New York, attended by some of the city’s creative intelligentsia including: photographer Daniel Perry, Carmine Langone, IMG’s Catherine Bennett and Monis Alam, designer and fashion consultant Shelly Bromfield, chocolatier Milene Jardine, designer Trenton Bush-Korgenski, jewelry designer Karen Erickson, art dealer Sandra Gerring, photographer Jesse David Harris, Michael Hoerner, artist Eddy Bogaert.

Images courtesy of BFA