Bombay Sapphire® Expands Ready-To-Drink Portfolio In Europe With Bombay Pressé Citrus Collins

Bombay Sapphire® Expands Ready-To-Drink Portfolio In Europe With Bombay Pressé Citrus Collins

Following last year’s successful launch of BOMBAY Citron Pressé, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® introduces BOMBAY Pressé Citrus Collins. Inspired by the iconic and much-loved Tom Collins cocktail, this is the latest addition to the brand’s ready-to-drink portfolio across the UK, Germany and Benelux.

This light, bright, ready-to-drink cocktail is a nod to the famous Tom Collins serve and offers an irresistibly citrusy and refreshing taste experience. The Tom Collins is a classic cocktail, made with gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup. It blends the perfect amount of citrus and sweetness, whilst building on the foundation of gin’s botanical flavours.

The BOMBAY Citrus Collins pays homage to this timeless cocktail, capturing the zesty, vibrant notes of fresh lemon, and it is best enjoyed chilled, straight from the can, or poured over ice with a squeeze of lemon.

Just like BOMBAY Citron Pressé, the 250ml ready-to-drink Citrus Collins has a 100% natural, refreshing and vibrant citrus flavour, featuring a blend of Mediterranean lemons and the brand’s signature London Dry Gin mixed with premium soda water.

The Citrus Collins is expertly mixed to the calibre you’d expect from a bartender, ready to drink, whatever the occasion.

Consumers are eager to explore new flavours while demanding authenticity, quality and natural ingredients, with increased popularity within the citrus flavour category1.

Thanks to its bright, zesty flavour, and made with a 100% natural fruits infusion, the Citrus Collins delivers against its promise of quality, with no artificial flavours or colours added to the drink. The sleek, matte-finish packaging has been carefully designed to preserve the standard of the drink both on-shelf and once purchased.

The material helps protect the liquid from sunlight, keeping the drink fresh and cold for longer and is also 100% recyclable.

Claire Layfield, Brand Director, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE UK & Ireland said; ‘Following the success of the launch of BOMBAY Citron Pressé last year, we’re thrilled to launch a ready-to-drink version, inspired by the iconic Tom Collins cocktail.

Packed with vibrant, zesty, citrus notes, the BOMBAY Pressé Citrus Collins promises to be unrivalled when it comes to taste. It has been skilfully crafted to showcase the signature juniper and citrus notes of BOMBAY Citron Pressé gin, meaning fans can enjoy a bar-standard cocktail and the quality that BOMBAY SAPPHIRE is known for.

The beauty of our ready-to-drink portfolio is that the emphasis is placed on convenience, but not at the expense of taste.’

‘The RTD category grew 60% in value in the four years to 2021 (IWSR),’ says Bacardi Off-Trade Director, Charlotte Rann. ‘Thanks to premium quality cocktails like the BOMBAY Pressé Citrus Collins, we are continuing to drive the premiumisation of RTDs and the revenue opportunity for our customers.’

The BOMBAY SAPPHIRE ready-to-drink portfolio features bar-standard iconic cocktails, all delivering a bright and naturally refreshing taste, designed to enjoy whenever, wherever. The team at BOMBAY SAPPHIRE has spent time refining a formula that answers the demand for a product that doesn’t forego quality for the sake of convenience.

Complementing the existing ready-to-drink serves, including the signature BOMBAY SAPPHIRE & TONIC, the BOMBAY Citrus Collins offers a superior taste experience, meaning fans can enjoy bar-quality drinks, whatever the occasion, wherever they are.

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