BOBKOVA’s Autumn/Winter 24/25 at Berlin Fashion Week

BOBKOVA's AutumnWinter 2425 at Berlin Fashion Week

Kristiana Bobkova‘s Autumn/Winter 2024/25 collection at Berlin Fashion Week was a testament to her innovative design approach and her commitment to creating timeless fashion pieces. With her third consecutive presentation at Berlin Contemporary, Bobkova showcased over 30 ensembles that embodied her brand’s unique fusion of minimalist Japanese aesthetics and fluid, feminine details.

The collection drew inspiration from the natural world, specifically the vibrant season of autumn, which served as the central theme. Bobkova aimed to capture the essence of autumn, with its bountiful harvest and rich colors. Her designs celebrated the season of maturity, fulfillment, and the enjoyment of labor’s fruits.

To bring the autumnal theme to life, Bobkova curated a color palette that mirrored the hues of the season. Deep wine, blackberry, plum, and Bordeaux dominated the collection, accented with pops of pumpkin, egg yolk, ochre, and eggplant. These warm and earthy tones evoked images of fall foliage and the abundance of nature during this time of year.

A highlight of the collection was a special collaboration with Ukrainian artist and architect Dasha Zima. Together, they created a bespoke print depicting stylized Ukrainian harvest fields and orchards, adding a unique touch to several pieces. This collaboration seamlessly blended art and fashion, resulting in visually striking garments that captured the essence of the collection.

BOBKOVA’s commitment to sustainability was evident in the materials used in the collection. The brand prioritized upcycled and naturally sourced materials, including silk, cotton, wool, and cashmere. By embracing these eco-friendly materials, Bobkova demonstrated her dedication to responsible fashion and her belief in creating garments that are both beautiful and environmentally conscious.

The runway show took place in the historic Pressecafé within the NEWEST show space in Mitte, Berlin. The choice of venue added a touch of elegance and grandeur to the presentation, enhancing the overall experience for attendees. The location provided a perfect backdrop for the collection, allowing the designs to shine and capture the attention of the audience.

To complement the unveiling of the collection, Bobkova enlisted the talents of Ukrainian musician Anastasiia Vogan, who composed original music specifically for the runway show. The music added an ethereal and immersive element to the event, further enhancing the overall atmosphere and elevating the audience’s experience.

Overall, BOBKOVA’s Autumn/Winter 2024/25 collection at Berlin Fashion Week, was a resounding success. Kristiana Bobkova once again demonstrated her ability to create fashion that seamlessly blends modernity, minimalism, and feminine details. By drawing inspiration from autumn’s vibrant colors and harvest essence, Bobkova crafted a collection that was not only visually stunning but also celebrated the timeless appeal of fashion. With her commitment to sustainability and her collaborative spirit, Bobkova continues to push the boundaries of fashion design and solidify her place in the industry as an innovative and visionary designer.



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