Ben Sherman Unveils SS24 Signature Collection: A Stylish Ode to Brighton’s Beach Club Culture


In line with Ben Sherman’s timeless ethos of embracing every opportunity, the brand introduces its latest Spring/Summer 2024 Signature Collection. Drawing inspiration from the lively atmosphere of Brighton’s Beach Club in the 1960s, this new release seamlessly blends holiday geo prints and modern tropical elements into the brand’s classic shirt designs. It’s an invitation to embrace your style for the upcoming season, capturing the relaxed vibe of seaside living with a modern, stylish twist.

Exploring the SS24 Palette: Vibrant Hues and Contemporary Knitwear

Embark on the SS24 journey as we delve into a captivating array of colors, where summer oranges and soft pistachio shades blend seamlessly with neutrals, summer blues, and navy tones. Reflecting the vibrant essence of Brighton’s seaside culture, our collection embraces a polished and contemporary aesthetic, inviting individuals to express their unique style.

Within the realm of spring knitwear, evolution takes center stage with fresh variations of Ben Sherman’s iconic vertical stripe knitted mod polo. Infused with sophistication, linen yarns breathe new life into Johnny collar polos, injecting a modern twist into our summer knitwear selection.

In line with Ben Sherman’s dedication to timeless sporty styles, the SS24 Signature Collection introduces updated Ivy League-inspired accents, paired with vibrant new color options in heritage check shirts. These features honor the brand’s tradition of blending classic elegance with innovative design.

Introducing the Brighton Beach Club Capsule: A Nostalgic Journey

As we venture into the latter part of the spring season, we unveil the new Brighton Beach Club capsule, showcasing distinct 60s-inspired branding. Highlight pieces include toweling stripe polos and textured beach shirts, reminiscent of Ben Sherman’s original designs from the 1960s. Seamlessly blending nostalgia with contemporary flair, these items add a timeless yet refreshing touch to the collection.

The SS24 Signature Collection invites you to immerse yourself in the spirit of Brighton’s iconic beach club culture. With a color palette evoking the warmth of summer and designs that pay homage to our heritage, this collection captures the essence of carefree seaside living with a modern twist. Embodying the ongoing narrative of confidently embracing each moment, it offers a range that transcends time and trends.

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