6 Health and Safety Basics of Using Contact Lenses While Wearing Makeup

Basics of Using Contact Lenses While Wearing Makeup

6 Health and Safety Basics of Using Contact Lenses While Wearing Makeup

If you’re a contact lens wearer who also enjoys wearing makeup, then you need to ensure that your beauty routine isn’t causing problems for your eyes.

Don’t be intimidated. It’s not as complicated as it seems. On the contrary, it’s quite simple as long as you stick to the six health and safety basics of wearing contact lenses with makeup.

1. Proper handwashing is key.

Wash your hands before you touch your contact lenses or apply makeup.

That is the golden rule of wearing makeup and contact lenses at the same time. Proper handwashing allows you to get rid of bacteria on your hands and fingers. This bacteria can transfer to your eyes and lead to a multitude of problems that include pain, redness, and infection.

To avoid such issues, you need to wash your hands before starting your makeup routine. Wet your hands with running water and use unscented antibacterial soap. Rub your hands together for at least 20 seconds and scrape away any dirt lodged underneath your fingernails. Rinse your hands thoroughly to remove all traces of soap. When you’re done, dry your hands with fresh paper towels. Your hands must be completely dry before you touch your contact lenses.

2. Avoid using any product before your contact lenses are in.

When you’re done washing your hands, don’t immediately apply moisturizers, lotions, creams, or similar products to your hands. These contain oils, fragrances, chemicals, and other ingredients that will leave a significant amount of residue on your hands and fingers. This residue is going to latch on to your contact lenses and cause a negative reaction like irritation, allergies, or infection.

When putting in your contact lenses, make sure your hands are completely clean and dry and free of any residue that could damage your lenses or hurt your eyes.

3. Put your contact lenses in, and then apply makeup after.

Always put your contact lenses in before you apply any makeup. Here are a couple of reasons why:

Clear vision – The most obvious reason you should put your contact lenses in first is that doing so gives you much better vision and prevents you from making mistakes when doing your makeup that can have negative effects on our eyes.
Avoid eye problems – When you do your makeup first, product residue will get into your fingers and transfer to your lenses when you put them in. This can result in a variety of issues that include eye redness or irritation, pain, and even infection.

6 Health and Safety Basics of Using Contact Lenses While Wearing Makeup

4. Take your contact lenses out and then remove your makeup after.

Makeup removers often contain ingredients that shouldn’t come in contact with your lenses. Your makeup remover can contain alcohol and other elements that can damage or stain your lenses. This is why you need to take out your contact lenses before you remove your makeup.

By taking out your contact lenses first, you eliminate the risk of the makeup remover damaging your lenses or irritating your eyes.

5. Choose makeup that is safe for use with contact lenses.

As a contact lens user who likes to wear makeup, your choice of products is integral to the health and safety of your eyes. It’s best to use products that are safe for contact lens wearers. Not sure how to choose? Here are a few guidelines you should follow.

  • Labels – Read labels carefully to determine which products are hypoallergenic or marked safe to use with contact lenses. There will be times when you won’t see such labels, so read through the list of ingredients to make sure that the product doesn’t contain chemicals or additives that could cause problems with your eyes or lenses.
  • Oil-freeOil-free makeup is ideal if you wear contact lenses. This way, there is no risk of the oils in the makeup making their way into your eyes, staining your contact lenses, blurring your vision, and hurting your eyes.
  • Cream-based – For contact lens wearers, cream-based makeup is better than powder-based makeup. This is because cream-based makeup isn’t composed of fine particles than can get into the eyes and cause irritation or infection.

6. Switch to daily contact lenses.

You may want to consult with your eye care specialist about switching to daily disposable contact lenses or “dailies”. Dailies are great if you like to wear makeup because you wear a fresh pair every morning. You don’t have to worry about makeup building up on your contact lenses and causing problems for your eyes.

The only drawback with dailies is that they cost more than bi-weekly or monthly lenses. However, if you think about how it’s safer and more convenient than other kinds of lenses, you’ll realize that it’s a worthwhile investment.


Establishing a safe and healthy makeup routine is easy as long as you’re patient and you take the right steps. By adopting the habits mentioned in this post, you can safely wear your contact lenses while looking gorgeous in your makeup. You get to enjoy the best of both worlds!

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