Bar Pa Tea Anniversary

Among New York’s seemingly endless proliferation of specialty food spots, Bar Pa Tea (85 Kenmare Street) has emerged as a front runner for blending its bubble tea variants not just with “healthier” ingredients but with soft serve ice cream and unusual combos. But even current favorites like the “Matcha Lemonade” and “Salted Caramel Oolong Tea” is being eclipsed by its latest flavor featuring Oolong and Rose green tea organically colored with blue algae and beets, soft serve ice cream, and topped with a miniature three-tier “birthday cake” created by Rebecca’s Cake Pops. This new offering, conceived to commemorate the brand’s anniversary, was unveiled at a festive celebration hosted recently by Z100 New York I Heart radio host Shelley Rome.

Bar Pa Tea Anniversary

Bar Pa Tea Anniversary

The event was presided over by Bar Pa Tea founder Patrick Yeh, managing director Gloria Yuan, and Wee Wan of W For Wee New York and attended by some of the city’s foodie influencers and bubble tea enthusiasts. A special guest was fashion illustrator Lulu Qu whose art was the featured work on the Bar Pa Tea’s gallery wall where different artists are showcased. Custom created for the occasion, Ms. Qu’s three illustrations underscored fashion glamour, city landmarks and yes bubble tea. Of course, the drink itself has been a staple treat for quite some time though some have been late to the party. A social media ruckus erupted late last year when the New York Times business section inaccurately reported bubble tea as an emerging trend when its own dining section came out with a story in 2016 proclaiming that its moment was recognized in 2002.

Bar Pa Tea Anniversary

Bar Pa Tea Anniversary

Still, Bar Pa Tea has maintained its must-taste status by constantly evolving the menu with tea sourced from Taiwan, the use of pure cane sugar, oat, soy and almond milk, liberal dashes of honey wheat braided twists, cookie crumbles, the aforementioned soft serve, and naturally those tapioca pearls that keep everyone coming back for more.

Images by Jodi Cornish for New York Style Guide: 1) Gloria Yuan, Shelley Rome, Patrick Yeh and Lulu Qu, 2) guests at the event 3) the Anniversary Special 4) Gloria Yuan, Jonathan and Rebecca Clavecilla-Eng, Patrick Yeh 5) outside Bar Pa Tea

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