Baby Phat BP Puffer: A Stylish Nostalgic Comeback for 25th Anniversary Celebration


Baby Phat Unveils Iconic Puffer Jacket Re-Issue to Kickstart 25th Anniversary Celebration


Celebrating a remarkable 25 years since its inception in 1999, Baby Phat, the iconic fashion brand founded by the legendary Kimora Lee Simmons, is set to mark the occasion with a year-long celebration. Kicking off the festivities is the revival of a true classic – the BP Puffer.

In the late ’90s, Baby Phat became synonymous with bold style and unapologetic flair, riding the wave of hip-hop fashion and urban wear. Now, a quarter of a century later, the brand is reintroducing a piece that left an enduring mark on the cultural landscape – the BP Puffer.

Once known as “the coat that launched a million schoolyard fights,” puffer jackets were more than just clothing; they were a cultural phenomenon. This winter, Baby Phat is breathing new life into this iconic piece, appealing to a new generation eager to embrace a touch of the past.

The reissued jackets showcase refreshed colorways – Olive, Onyx, Sand, and a Glossy Red. Available in sizes from XS to 3X, the BP Puffer ensures inclusivity, allowing everyone to partake in the revival of this iconic piece. The logos, zippers, faux fur hood, and embellishments inject a contemporary twist while preserving the original energy.


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In recent years, Baby Phat’s puffer jackets have experienced a resurgence, particularly among the influential Gen-Z TikTok audience. Enthusiasts are rediscovering the brand through vintage shops, both online and in-person, turning these discoveries into a cultural sensation. Social media platforms, especially TikTok, are buzzing with users showcasing their unique finds and creating memes that solidify the BP Puffer’s iconic status, making it a symbol of contemporary coolness.

The marketing campaign for this reissue features Kimora Lee Simmons and her daughter, Ming Lee Simmons, adding a personal touch to the brand’s legacy. The campaign playfully nods to the coat’s iconic nature, with a special emphasis on Twitter, where fans have long celebrated the brand’s status.

As the BP Puffer makes its triumphant return, it does more than provide warmth; it resonates with those who remember the original fondly and introduces a new generation to a piece of fashion history. Beyond being a jacket, it symbolizes resilience, nostalgia, and enduring style. Baby Phat’s 25th-anniversary celebration is off to an impressive start, and we eagerly anticipate what the brand has in store for the coming year. Here’s to Baby Phat, a brand that continues to redefine fashion with timeless elegance. Available now at and priced at $120 USD.



About The BP Puffer: A Timeless Fusion of Style and Comfort

BP PUFFER – a masterpiece that seamlessly marries plush insulation with a uniquely adapted Baby Phat logo, demonstrating a keen evolution to embrace current trends while safeguarding its distinctive charm. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the BP Puffer effortlessly merges functionality and high fashion. Its quilted design not only guarantees exceptional warmth but also captures attention with its visual appeal, making it a standout piece in any wardrobe.

The jacket’s refreshed colorways – Olive, Onyx, Sand, and Glossy Red – inject new life into this iconic garment, ensuring it remains a coveted choice among fashion enthusiasts. The BP Puffer, introduced over two decades ago, continues to maintain its global allure, standing the test of time and captivating the hearts of fashion aficionados.

What sets the BP PUFFER apart is its thoughtful design elements. An eye-catching stand collar and a detachable faux fur-trimmed hood add an extra layer of style to this classic piece. It’s not just a jacket; it’s a symbol of enduring elegance that has seamlessly transcended fashion trends over the years. As you explore the BP PUFFER, you’ll discover a harmonious fusion of comfort and sophistication. Whether you’re drawn to its quilted grace or enticed by the refreshed color palette, this iconic piece is ready to make a bold statement in your wardrobe.



About Baby Phat: A Trailblazing Journey in Women’s Fashion

Established in 1999 with a humble baby tee, Baby Phat emerged as a transformative force in the Women’s Fashion landscape, swiftly altering the industry’s trajectory. As a dynamic, diverse, and inclusive brand, Baby Phat has consistently remained in tune with the pulse of Hip Hop and streetwear, becoming a cultural icon that transcends fashion norms.

Despite facing initial snubs from fashion elites, Baby Phat’s undeniable success forced a reevaluation of style standards. The brand’s ability to resonate with a broad audience has challenged conventional notions, proving that fashion is not confined to exclusive circles but is an expression that belongs to everyone.

As Baby Phat marks its 25th anniversary this year, enthusiasts can eagerly anticipate a year-long celebration filled with special releases, partnerships, collaborations, events, and more. This milestone is not just a testament to the brand’s enduring influence but also an opportunity for fans to immerse themselves in the rich history and innovation that Baby Phat has brought to the fashion world.

From its modest beginnings with a baby tee to its current status as a cultural powerhouse, Baby Phat has become a symbol of empowerment, individuality, and resilience. The brand’s commitment to celebrating diversity and embracing the vibrant spirit of Hip Hop has made it a trailblazer in the industry, and its journey is far from over.


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