Avant Gallery celebrated its 10 year silver anniversary over ‘The First Breakfast’

Avant Gallery celebrated its 10 year silver anniversary over ‘The First Breakfast’

On Thursday morning, December 7, Avant Gallery celebrated its 10 year silver anniversary over ‘The First Breakfast’ at the gallery’s in-house eatery LaMuse Café among famed artists, gallerists and VIP guests. Notable names included  17-year old street art sensation Skyler Grey (who was also celebrating his recognition in Forbes’ 30 under 30), BNS, Miya Ando, and Avant Gallery  x LaMuse Cafe owner Dmitry Prut.

The artful breakfast marked the opening of LaMuse Café’s chic outdoor terrace, dubbed Alice’s Rabbit Hole, where guests enjoyed Chef Arthur Arnaize’s “Art on a Plate,” with dishes like Avocado Toast with Poached Egg, a Mushroom Truffle Tapenade and Oeuf a la Coque, Shrimp, Salmon, and Roast Beef Crepe Rolls; completed with a Mona Lisa Art Tart for dessert.

Guests sipped on Whispering Angel while admiring works displayed on the gallery’s walls for a special First Breakfast exhibition featuring pieces by Skyler Grey, BNS, Miya Ando, DAIN, Alec Monopoly, and Florian Eymann, to name a few.

Photo credit to Jason Koerner / MannyofMiami.com.

Avant Gallery is also celebrating its 10-YEAR anniversary at the annual SCOPE Miami Beach Art Fair, doubling its presence at Booth G05, during Art Basel Miami. Owner Dmitry Prut will showcase his artists who embrace unusual, forward methods of art-making, including world renown Alec Monopoly, to 17-year-old street art sensation Skyler Grey, and artists of various other mediums like Tom Bessell to Guy Le Baube, Santlov, DAINBNS, and Benjamin Rollins Caldwell.

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