Autumnal Haven: 7 Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Fall Party

If you want to celebrate the beauty of autumn, host a harvest party where your close friends and family can enjoy the crisp fall air and partake in some fun fall-themed activities. Turn your outdoor space into a cozy autumnal haven, and enjoy all the benefits of al fresco dining. The health benefits alone are a good enough reason to eat outside and enjoy the wonderful weather. Check out a few of our favorite tips for hosting an outdoor fall party—it could turn into a new fall tradition!

7 Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Fall Party

Decide on a Theme

One of our favorite tips for when you host any sort of party is to come up with a theme. This doesn’t mean your guests have to stick to it, but a theme will help you determine one decorating style. This can be as simple as a harvest fair theme, where you decorate with hay bales and other fall touches that follow an autumnal color pallet, or you can go with an early Halloween theme.

Add Handmade Touches

Another way to decorate is to add little handmade touches. Handmade wreaths on the door are a wonderful way to greet your guests, and a chalkboard with food options will give your party a rustic feel. Store-bought fall bouquets are always a lovely option, but why not add a few personally designed centerpieces? Wheatgrass is an effortless decoration.

Offer Relaxed Seating

It may be obvious, but seating is incredibly important for your party. The right seating can encourage conversations between friends and acquaintances. Put lounge chairs around a firepit, but make sure to have extra seating available in case guests bring plus ones. If you provide dinner, make sure the table and chairs offer cozy touches—blankets on the chairs can add that extra flare.

Serve a Signature Cocktail

Fall cocktails are as delicious to drink as they are easy to make. Big-batch cocktails are always a hit at a party, and when you add cider to them, you’re sure to tantalize everyone’s taste buds. Whether it’s a fall Margarita (just add apple juice and cinnamon) or an orange mule, there’s something for everyone!

Offer Numerous Dishes

When it comes to the menu, make sure to have quite a few options available for your guest, but keep it simple. Taco bars are always a great choice—anytime you can utilize a crock pot, the easier it is to prepare for the day. For chillier days, make sure to offer a nice soup to warm people up.

Play on Campfire Favorites

When it comes to dessert, try to play off campfire favorites. If you don’t have a fire pit, you still want to give people that experience. Whether it’s an indoor s’mores bar or apple cider doughnuts, try to provide multiple options for all dessert tastes. Just don’t forget it!

Create “Make-Your-Own” Stations

Another one of our favorite tips for hosting an outdoor fall party is to create “make-your-own” stations. If you invite kids, this is a fun way to get them excited right off the bat. A make-your-own trail mix station, for example, allows your smaller guests to create their own masterpieces. You can also have a “make-your-own” cocktail bar for the adults. The options truly are endless, and it’s an easy way to provide food and take a little pressure off you.

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