Automobili Lamborghini The-luxe ID Spring Summer 2020

Automobili Lamborghini presents the Menswear spring summer 2020 collection, a total look that declines the style codes of the super sports car brand in clothing and accessories. Each model is designed for contemporary travelers with an impeccable style and who love performing and functional garments.

Lamborghini_tech(1) Lamborghini_tech(2) Lamborghini_tech(3)

What’s the The-luxe ID?

The constructions, cuts and details combined with research on materials and fabrics create the sartorial identity of the Informal Luxury line in which the essentials of the male wardrobe combine the stylistic code of the semi-formal and the technological know-how of Automobili Lamborghini.

Lamborghini_style (1) Lamborghini_style(2) Lamborghini_style (3) Lamborghini_style (4)

The packable superlight jacket has a Lamborghini camouflage print interior; the same camouflage pattern returns on sweatshirts, t-shirts and polo shirts and on beachwear.

Lamborghini camouflage0 Lamborghini camouflage1 Lamborghini camouflage2 1 Lamborghini camouflage3 Lamborghini camouflage4

The colors are the strong ones of Xanto Orange, Telesto Gray, Titans Gray and Achelous Blue; the Lamborghini logo is also interpreted in the contrasting maxi version.

Lamborghini_color_1 Lamborghini_color_2) Lamborghini_color_3

Find the brand online:

Instagram Lamborghini

Facebook Lamborghini.Italia

Twitter Lamborghini


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