ASSOCALZATURIFICI alongside its member companies during the Covid19 emergency announces a strategic partnership with a multi-channel platform aimed at selling stock online to more than 400,000 e-tailers worldwide

Assocalzaturifici announced its partnership with Brands distribution and the launch of the multichannel platform BDroppy: an initiative that offers footwear brands a quick and easy way of selling online, reaching thousands of dropshippers all over the world and making their products accessible to millions of consumers in over 50 countries, from America to England, Germany to Spain.

The idea behind the launch of the platform is to place the know-how of Brands distribution, a dropshipping company that has been operating successfully on the world market for years, at the disposal of brands and retailers. Brands distribution has 12 years of experience, 450,000 retailers registered worldwide, 1.2 million views per year, over 100 million euros made in sales, worldwide shipping and customer care in eight languages.

As Siro Badon, Chair of Assocalzaturifici, explained: “In view of the current COVID-19 epidemiological emergency which, in compliance with the various restrictive measures imposed by the government, has led to the temporary closure of all shoe and clothes shops, our association has entered into a partnership with Brands distribution with the aim of bringing Italian footwear brands onto the digital b2b BDroppy platform. This represents a concrete opportunity for many of our member companies that produce high-quality goods but do not have the necessary resources themselves to emerge in the world of e-commerce. The partnership with Brandsdistribution will in fact allow our ‘Made-in-Italy’ brands to maximize their advertising and marketing investments and sell their products directly, using a well-established platform such as Brands distribution, with its 450,000 retailers and digital vendors, as a springboard. At the present moment, the survival of our sector, and of the ‘Made-in-Italy’ fashion industry as a whole, depends inevitably on the new platforms. Today’s retailers have to face up to the fact that they can no longer limit themselves to only providing a tactile, in-store sales experience, but must be able to offer remote access to products and information as well. This technology is even more important at the present moment since it can help dispose of the excess stock that has accumulated as a result of the lockdown”.

“When we launched BDroppy – says Carlo Tafuri, COO of Brandsdistribution – our aim was to offer brands and retailers practical help in expanding their business horizons, by joining a worldwide platform. Those who choose BDroppy can take advantage of our company’s database, experience and daily work to start selling worldwide straight away, without marketing investments.

The partnership with Assocalzaturifici is an important recognition of our commitment and of the value that today, more than ever before, the web represents for ‘Made-in-Italy’ brands.

Companies and retailers can apply to join BDroppy. Their products and the ability of brands to efficiently manage orders and shipments are assessed by our experts and at that point the references enter our catalogue, which already has hundreds of thousands of products. Thanks to our platform, it only takes a single click to reach not only thousands of dropshippers all over the world but also to connect with a vast and heterogeneous public through online marketplaces”.

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