ART BY CHIMPS Swings into New World Center for Art Basel

Sanctuary Hopes Collectors Go Ape for Paintings by Chimpanzees

ART BY CHIMPS Swings into New World Center for Art Basel

Miami Beach—An exhibit of 15 abstract acrylic paintings by residents of Florida’s Save the Chimps sanctuary will be among the wildest events on the opening day of Art Basel: 

Date: Wednesday, November 30

Time: 6-7 press reception, 7-11 exhibit

Place: New World Center, 500 17th St, Miami Beach

The collection of large canvases painted by apes is curated by acclaimed artist Karen Bystedt, who also donated photos from her Lost Warhols series of Andy Warhol for the chimps to paint on—much like Warhol himself created art from photos of celebrities. Proceeds benefit Save the Chimps, a 150-acre refuge in Ft. Pierce for chimps rescued from labs and the entertainment industry.

“Chimps share 98% of our DNA,” says Save the Chimps CEO Ana Paula Tavares. “They are similar to humans emotionally, physically, and even creatively.” As reported by NPR, art by chimpanzees generates significant interest from collectors internationally.

The @RT BY CHIMPS event, in partnership with  Miami Swim Week™ The Shows, will also showcase a sustainable fashion swimwear by designers Ema Savahl, Amarotto, House Twenty-Two, Grace Milano and Blue Topaz Swimwear, Sponsors include Sommsation, Infinity Data, and QR8, a new marketplace with exclusive listings for art, fashion and music.

A gifting lounge will offer products by Nespresso, KOPU water, Masami Hair and Immunocologie skincare.

ART BY CHIMPS Swings into New World Center for Art Basel


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