Art Basel x Chotto Matte Announces Artistic Activation & Programming


The Immersive Culinary Brand Partners with Gustavo Oviedo on Ecocentric Display

Art Basel x Chotto Matte Announces Artistic Activation & Programming

Every year, the entire city of Miami comes roaring to life during the week of Art Basel, embracing the vibrant spirit of the celebration and highlighting the extensive talent of burgeoning local artists. This year, Chotto Matte is joining in on the comeback season of this highly anticipated festival. The globally-renowned brand, craved for its elevated take on Nikkei cuisine and mysteriously intriguing ambiance, has announced its partnership with graffiti artist Gustavo Oviedo, who originally created Chotto Matte Miami’s iconic mural, under the creative direction of Marcel Katz, and plans to display five to seven original artworks throughout Chotto Matte’s space.

Art Basel x Chotto Matte Announces Artistic Activation & Programming

Over the past 15 years, Oviedo has developed a highly personal, self-taught style of art that explores the relationship between the bustle of Miami’s vibrant metropolitan streets and the tranquility of Biscayne Bay’s aquatic life, currents, and marine dystopia. This style will be evident during this year’s display, which will feature works from his most recent collection — a vivid tribute to the sea with imagery of bright coral reefs and mixed-media sculptures made from upcycled, often polluted materials. Conveying the beauty of the natural world while also highlighting its vulnerability to detrimental human impacts, Oviedo’s work encourages reflection, appreciation, and ultimately a call-to-action for environmental preservation.

Chotto Matte will feature Oviedo’s artworks from December 1st through December 29th. The brand will also unveil a bespoke cocktail inspired by Oviedo’s work, available through all of December — Tropical Osmosis, made with Código 1530 Blanco, Mezcal, ancho chili, ginger honey syrup, kumquat, egg white, cream, club soda and a pinch of art. Additionally, Chotto Matte will debut its newest late night entertainment program — Chotto Lates — from 7 PM through midnight on December 2nd-4th. This new programming will be a sight to behold, inspiring awe, reflection, and interpretation similar to that of artistic appreciation. Between the vibrant tastes, sights, and sounds, Chotto Matte’s immersive Art Basel itinerary will be an unmissable multi-sensory experience! | @ChottoMatteMIA

About Chotto Matte:

Chotto Matte embraces the very best of Nikkei cuisine — a hybrid blend of the most noteworthy Japanese and Peruvian classics, marrying bold, eye-catching, and natural colors with mouth-watering flavorful sensations. Amassing impressive success from their first three locations in London, Toronto, and Miami, Chotto Matte has developed international esteem, and plans to continue its global expansion in 2022 to three unique global destinations — Doha, Riyadh, & San Francisco — alongside a sister location in its flagship home base of London, England. Mastering the marriage of Japanese and Peruvian culinary traditions in a vibrant and energetic atmosphere, Chotto Matte highlights the cultures’ shared appreciation for seasonal ingredients and fresh fish, with Japanese sushi and sashimi, and Peruvian ceviche central to their gastronomy. Thanks to well-respected head chef Jordan Sclare, Chotto Matte is internationally renowned for their artistic approach to exciting Nikkei cuisine.

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