ANIYE BY, NOLITA, CULT: daring Made In Italy for Millennials

ANIYE BY, NOLITA, CULT: daring Made In Italy for Millennials

Three brands all Made in Italy are launching new collections and targeting the millennial generation: Aniye By, Cult and Nolita. New York Style Guide collected the latest news to see their news and who they design for.

ANIYE BY, NOLITA, CULT: three voices Made In Italy for the younger generations

Let’s see them one by one:


ANIYE BY is one of the youngest and most innovative women’s clothing brands Made In Italy on the market, that from the little town of Carpi is enjoying a wave of success and positive opinions from the new generations and from many influencers. The brand founded in 2000 by Alessandra Marchi focuses on a very unique style, made up of reinterpretations of vintage and apparently out of fashion garments presented in a modern and versatile way, somewhere in-between chic and contemporary.

To the motto of Unstoppable ANIYE BY! the most eclectic brand on the web shook hands with the colourful  instagram duo and influencers Annacarla Dall’Avo e Simona Carlucci that became famous with their no faces’ philosophy: visit their lifestyle inspired profile and you will see that their faces are covered. Not always, as they promised their fans that once they reached 100.000 followers they would have shown their faces, and so they did in a video, to then go back to their consistent marketing choice. Today the influencers have more that 210.000 followers including actresses and personalities.

Together, Annacarla e Simona and Aniye By launched a special “BOOTS & PUMPS CAPSULE” FW 21-22. The mix & match of ANIYE BY and the NO FACES counts on dragging social networks’ attention and connects their many followers, who will be able to buy the special capsule from June 2021.

“BOOTS & PUMPS CAPSULE” FW 21-22. The mix & match of ANIYE BY and its BOMB PACKAGING: detail 1 “BOOTS & PUMPS CAPSULE” FW 21-22. The mix & match of ANIYE BY and its BOMB PACKAGING: detail 2

“BOOTS & PUMPS CAPSULE” FW 21-22. The mix & match of ANIYE BY and its BOMB PACKAGING: detail 3 “BOOTS & PUMPS CAPSULE” FW 21-22. The mix & match of ANIYE BY and its BOMB PACKAGING: detail 4

Platform combat boots, jungle boots and heels will be protected by what they call a BOMB PACKAGING, specially designed by the brand for this collection.


Nolita is a fashion brand Made in Italy that designs for feminine and self-confident women, and develops collections rich in romanticism and sensuality. Nolita was founded in 1998 and is continuously evolving, keeping it its DNA a glance on the quality of its garments. Since always they aim to become an international fashion brand, and for that they keep a high level of awareness and put the happiness of their customers as a priority. The name of the brand is an acronym, and No.l.Ita stands for North Little Italy as it says to be inspired by the vibes and liveness of North Little Italy, NYC .

Projecting the codes of the past into the future and turn them into present is Nolita’s challenge and opportunity to celebrate a style that wants to be pure identity, absolutely beyond the trends. This is the essence of its SS2021 capsule collection with which Nolita opens a new chapter in her story, a “White Story“.

The collection includes 14 garments made in total white that pay homage to the first proposal with which, in the nineties, the brand rethought the denim universe with a street glam touch. Now, as then, jeans are the main passepartout and the right complement to every Nolita look.

Contrast is the watchword of a provocative aesthetic that lingers between masculine and feminine, resolving it with a provocative and stylistically avant-garde crush.

Items are boyfriends’ style and reminds a rock star’s wardrobe mixing with a new no-gender classicism merging into a strong contemporary look. The result makes Nolita recognisable: new baggies with a tailored bottom, bright and oversized blazers, the jacket worn on the skin over denim shorts. All in white and in its shades.

Nolita Jeans and Shirt Nolita's shorts and jacket off white on model baggie jacket by Nolita in gold Baggie jacket by Nolita in Gold seen by side Silver close up of a shirt + scarf in silver glitter by Nolita Nolita minidress in gold

The result is a manifest of a free spirit disconnected from conventions but always aware. The limited number of items in the collection, in fact, stems from the precise desire to create a targeted wardrobe, which restores value to authenticity by eliminating waste and presenting only what is destined to be chosen and to last.


Cult is since 1987 the shoe brand that interprets rock style the Italian way. It’s a well known leather specialist in the Made in Italy scenario for many decades. Originally famous for their combat boots with an iconic metal label on the toe caps, a must-have for decades in Italy for all younger rebels, they have now developed a wider range of models. It is still a reference for boots, and the inspiration from rock and its icons is evident, just check the names of the shoes they offer.

‘A bold woman who does not want to go unnoticed’, this is who they say is the Cult woman, and 2021 summer collection is as unconventional as you would expect it to be, but it wants to be bright and fun too.

Within the collection, in addition to a wider selection of sneakers, the new Ziggy sandal has been introduced, in leather and enriched by the unmistakable metal label on the bottom, iconic symbol of Cult shoes.

Ziggy develops on 4 models:

  • slipper with a romantic look with rouches,
  • double band sandal customized with zip, black pyramidal studs,
  • mid with crossed leather straps and crocodile print,
  • cut-out at the knee, which reinterprets the “slave” model in an innovative way,

The flagship proposal for the season is the historic combat boot with large volumes Slash: 7-holes model with a summer look given by the transparency of the mesh on the leg, enriched by a leather tip, which  matches the low derby designed with the same inspiration.

Innovative slave boot by cult Traditional Black Boots by Cult Black sandals with one stripe by Cult black boots with square cuts by Cult Black sandals with cross strips by Cult White sneakers by cult with iconic metal label on front All striped black ankle boots by CultSee through boots by CultSee through ankle boots black by Cult Comfort leather shoes with square cuts by Cult Black sandals with buckles by Cult White walking shoes with curved sole by Cult

All pictures are courtesy of Aniye By, Nolita, Cult and Guitar Pr And Communication Consultancy

Useful links

Aniye By on instagram: @aniyeby

Annnacarla e Simona on instagram: @annacarlaesimona

Nolita on instagram: @nolita_official

Cult on instagram: @cultofficial1987

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