On the streets of Paris and all over social media, there is a brand, or more specifically, a logo that has caught the attention of consumers of all ages and nationalities.

Founded in 2011 by Alexandre Mattiussi, a former designer for brands such as Christian Dior and Givenchy, Ami Paris is a young French designer brand that has achieved annual sales of over $50 million. Known globally for its heart-topped A logo, Ami Paris wasn’t always a success. The brand was in fact first launched in 2002 and then closed after only two years. It was the encouragement and the experience the designer gained through his connection to the board of Marc Jacobs that allowed him to relaunch the brand with a solid team of investors and a specific design plan. Alexandre Mattiussi absorbed all the information necessary to build a successful luxury brand, from design to production to marketing, meanwhile conserving the goal to create something different. The aesthetic of the brand is inspired by and serves the needs of those who like to look chic, classy, and cool on a daily basis, by finding the perfect balance between luxury and conviviality.


It is clear that, before creating the brand, Alexandre reflected on what fashion meant to him, realizing that affordability, practicality, and class were the principles he would need to prioritize.

Today, Ami Paris is truly the embodiment of the designer’s personal style, habits, and routine, and those of the people in his social bubble. Ami, in fact, orthographically and semantically, is the manifestation of Alexandre Mattiussi’s personal identity. His “amis”, the French word for friends, are the audience he speaks to through his creations. Nevertheless, the traditional image of the élite circle of fashion citizens is substituted with friendships representative of the true fashion consumer, democratizing luxury not only through entry-level luxury prices but also through the values of the brand.


Originally a menswear brand, Ami continues to maintain an easy, classy, and relaxed image.

Most products that support the core values of the brand navigate fluidly between men’s and womenswear. Womenswear debuted on the Ami Paris runways seamlessly taking advantage of the androgynous silhouettes the designer proposed through baggy pants, simple T-shirts, and oversized sweatshirts. Gradually, Alexandre Mattiussi began to discover more feminine shapes and propose them to his consumers through dresses, skirts, and slim-fit tops. Although these pieces, along with others belonging to the menswear collection, are well appreciated by the audience – specifically locals and fashion professionals and/or enthusiasts – the bestsellers are the unisex pieces that display the emblematic logo in various sizes and colors.

Ami boasts enormous support from the local public, which crowds the stores eager to learn about the new collection and to benefit from the seasonal sales. Nevertheless, most of the sales are driven by the interest of tourists who want to learn about the products that have flooded the internet, specifically on Asian platforms, making travel retail one of the main sources of income for the brand.


What drives these consumers toward Ami Paris are of course the competitive prices, the desire to possess a piece that embodies French savoir-faire, and, above all, the immediately recognizable logo. The heart-topped A has in fact allowed consumers to attach expressive value to the pieces that display it, of which only some recognize the sensory value.

The elegant comfort that Ami Paris has displayed throughout the years, hasn’t prohibited the brand from stepping out of the streetwear department. On the carpets of events all over the globe, one may stumble upon the chic, simple and elegant silhouettes proposed by Ami Paris, which has become a celebrity favorite.

This brand has proven to maintain interest high for its followers, whether through the many collections made in collaboration with artists, through sightings at the most star-studded events, or through its easily recognizable style that has become viral on various social media platforms.

Curious about what comes next, and what sides of Alexandre’s persona we will see translated in his future collections, we may continue to assist in the steady ascension of Ami Paris.

Photo Credit: @amiparis


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