Alisia Coetzee of Busties: Empowering Women to Be Their Best Selves

Recently, I had the privilege of interviewing Alisia Coetzee.

Alisia Coetzee of Busties: Empowering Women to Be Their Best Selves

Alisia Coetzee is the Co-Owner of Busties, as a mom of 3 she runs a business in-between packing lunches for kids and PTA meetings. Alisia loves working with women, and volunteers for the Court Appointed Special Advocates Association (CASA), going to court on behalf of foster kids. She is an immigrant from South Africa, living in the U.S. for 11 years and recently got her citizenship this year.    

Can you share with us your background and your career?

Myself and my team are eCommerce entrepreneurs who founded the company and have built it to where it is today. We find market niches, disrupt markets on Amazon, and help a lot of people while doing it!

Can you share with our readers how you started your company and the mission behind it?  

The “Bustie” attitude is one of fun, happiness, and confidence. Our mission is to empower women to love the woman that is in the mirror, for the woman that you are… not for what society wants you to be. Created by women for women, Busties is changing the world, one girl at a time.

How is diversity in the workplace evolving, and how does it play into your company and its mission? 

As one of the co-owners of a certified minority-owned and small business, we focus our efforts to diversify business leadership on Amazon. We believe that diversity is necessary to the success of an organization, and we are proud to employ individuals from all backgrounds and perspectives. 

During the pandemic many people lost their jobs and livelihood, how did your company adapt and pivot during this time to be what it is today? 

During the pandemic, while a lot of people lost their jobs, we didn’t have to let go of anyone on our team. We had to adapt quickly, and I managed the cash flow during the downturn to ensure our team was taken care of.

If you could go back and talk to your younger self what would you tell them and why?  

You are absolutely beautiful and perfect just the way you are. Now go out there, and convince the rest of the women in the world the same.

Are you working on any exciting new projects now? 

We are partnering with the American Breast Cancer Foundation. I personally had a breast cancer scare last year, and during that stressful and confusing

time, the ABCF had so many resources available to me, at no charge. It is an absolute pleasure for Busties to partner with such an amazing organization.

Where do you see yourself and your career going in this new year and in the future?

I will continue to grow Busties, and expand our amazing products to retail stores in the near future.

How can our readers connect with you on social media?

TikTok: @getBusties

IG: @getBusties


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