Alessandro Enriquez presents his new Spring/Summer 2018 collection, closing his eyes and traveling through traditions, a creative journey that brings him to Spain without forgetting Italy. That’s how “ITALY SPAIN, ONE WAY” is born, a meeting between the cultures of two different countries, very dear to the designer.

The protagonist is still SANTA ENRIQUEZ who during the SS18 becomes a real “torero” fighting against a bull who will not kill, because she will fall in love turning him into his charming prince. Alessandro redefines Love!

An unconventional love that emerges from frictions and breaks every barrier, drawing the new collection through a new irreverent fable and always between the sacred and the profane. Pop graphics, prints with a mix of landscapes, stars, dots and colorful lines, ironic comic messages and scarves that become ornaments.

The Chain and the “Sea Bomb”, inspired by a bracelet of the Fifties of Alessandro’s grandmother, remain as fil rouge of all the collections.

Bag models are suitable for different moments of the day, from morning to evening, and carry the names of the goddesses of ancient classical mythology.

To the consecutive models, shopping, clutch, backpack, half moon and the typical “postman”, two new ones are added: SPAIN, a upset sombrero-shaped handbag and ITALY, a geometric shopping bag.

Alessandro, with the complicity of the creativity of STUDIO FANTASMA, tells the story of Torera with an unusual comic strip: Miss Torera, Fiesta, Taurus, Love, Victory.

Processing techniques: prints, embroideries, inlays and stitches, all in a palette of bright colors, resulting in a black, blue, blue or red background.

Plus all-over and placed designs that retract Santa’s moments, from the Corrida game to winning the premium, the love for the bull and to the kiss scene and the festivities.

Clear colors that remind of a true Fiesta!

Since the first season the brand has been increasing its popularity through stores and best luxury department stores. A part from Italy, Alessandro’s bags are sold also in France, Japan and America. The shops are: Biffi, Banner, 10 Corso Como, Parisi, Blu Capri, Malibu, HP France, Mercis by Edith and Le Bon Marché.

Born from an idea of Cristiana Zanche and Pietro Gaudenzi. Since 2007 Studio Fantasma has produced Illustrations and graphics for publishing and companies. “We work digitally to create a highly ductile artistic product, adaptable to customer requests. Our tools are a computer, a graphics tablet and a strong image culture. Nothing else. The result is apparently a gouache or a watercolor but it is actually a pixel… Our knowledge of traditional techniques has a hidden technological core”.



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