ALANUI presents their Spring/Summer 2018 Collection at Pitti Uomo 92

02 Presentation ALANUI SS 2018 - Nicolò e Carlotta Oddi

07 Presentation ALANUI SS 2018 COLLECTION

The journey as an expansion of personal horizons, strengthening of human bonds and accumulation of emotions and experiences is the fueling principle of ALANUI, project originated by the dialogue between siblings Nicolò and Carlotta Oddi.

It all started with a found garment – an oversized cardigan – which Nicolò gave Carlotta as a present. Carlotta used it during a trip to Hawaii, discovering its multi-purposefulness as the on-the-road journey unfolded. Upon return, Carlotta told her brother about her experiences, and Nicolò decided to use them as an inspiration to conceive a luxurious and emotion-charged garment that could be the perfect travel companion, getting better as experiences grew, and keeping textural record of them. This is how Alanui was conceived. The name, apropos, means “large path” in the Hawaiian language.

02 Presentation ALANUI SS 2018 - Nicolò e Carlotta Oddi

Alanui has started its journey as a brand with a collection that focuses on a single item, produced in a variety of patterns: a buttonless oversized jacquard cashmere cardigan, edged with a dense fringe and closed with a two-tone belt. That’s it: an adaptable piece with no immediate gender connotation and no season. The colorful jacquards pay homage to the Indian America iconography, but this is just the beginning of a path that can lead in many different directions.

Alanui is lovingly and painstakingly crafted in order to get to the level of luxury that truly gets better with time. The complete opposite of throwaway fashion, the oversized cardigan is made with the finest Italian cashmere, taking five hours to be knitted and another six to be assembled. Every detail goes into the building of something uniquely luxurious yet eminently understated, from the hand-woven labels to the hand-made fringes, from the tactile paper of the box to the Hawaiian fragrance that is spritzed on each cardigan before being boxed.

Alanui is meant to follow who owns it on the large path of life and experience. Nicolò and Carlotta Oddi conceived the cardigan as a canvas of artistic expression and a celebration of superior craft. They’re aiming to grow and evolve starting from here. The s/s 18 collection marks another step of this ongoing path of discovery. America, with its wonderful layering of different cultures, is again the chosen destination. The buttonless oversized jacquard cashmere cardigan morphs, twists and turns. It gains inventive patterns: an American flag that’s also a bandana; Navaho geometries that are interpreted in unexpected color-ways. The Alanui spirit, however, is truly embedded in the intricate Tree of Life jacquard. Drawing inspiration from one of the most touching Navaho myths, the stylized tree populated by birds acts as a metaphor of identity and life. It’s about who you are and the life you lead, which is in fact just another way to describe the journey Alanui aims to follow as a faithful travel companion.


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