Salon Phonics Presents Emerging Artist ALANA Teams Up With Zero 7’s Henry Binns For First Single Of 2024: “Motherless Money”

Features Groovy House Remixes By Franky Boissy & D-Stone

March 15, 2024 – Dynamic singer/songwriter ALANA today unveils her first single of the new year, “Motherless Money,” along with a music video and remixes from esteemed artist/DJs Franky Boissy and D-Stone. The single, a captivating blend of jazz, pop, and house influences, is not just a musical masterpiece but a bold statement against vulture capitalism.

ALANA Works With Zero 7’s Henry Binns For Dance Single “Motherless Money”

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“Motherless Money” is as ALANA describes, an “anti-corporate anthem” that challenges the ethos of heartless money-making practices. Known for her sultry tone, refined phrasing, and smart lyricism, ALANA infuses the track with a laid-back, soothing vocal performance that belies its powerful message. ALANA, who grew up in Cupertino and San Francisco, cleverly channels her anti-corporate sentiment with lyrics that carry a poignant blend of personal reflection and societal critique, challenging listeners to consider their relationship with the controligarchs they encounter.

Produced by Henry Binns, part of the iconic Zero 7 duo, he seamlessly integrates his expertise in blending downtempo sounds with the art pop, and house elements inherent in ALANA’s style. Together, they create a musical experience that is both sonically rich and emotionally resonant. ALANA adds “It started as a barebones instrumental track. Henry sent it to me and then I figured out the melody and lyrics in response to his genius.”

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The music video for “Motherless Money” encapsulates ALANA’s collaborative spirit and thematic depth. Shot entirely with an iPhone 15 Pro and edited by ALANA herself, the video features a poignant connection to her family history, wearing a striking yellow dress that was worn by her mother-in-law during her musical studies in Iran. Filmed primarily in San Diego, the video’s standout location at the UC San Diego Neurosciences Institute reflects ALANA’s deliberate contrast between organic femininity and imposing organized enterprise infrastructure. This juxtaposition serves as a visual metaphor for her critique of Corporatism, emphasizing the loss of tenderness and individuality within modern economic systems. Through her music and visual storytelling, ALANA prompts viewers to reflect on the societal impact of such structures, advocating for preserving human connection amidst the impersonal forces of Vulture Capitalism.

“Motherless Money represents a powerful intersection of musical genres and cultural commentary, offering listeners an experience that goes beyond the conventional boundaries of contemporary music.

ALANA Works With Zero 7’s Henry Binns For Dance Single “Motherless Money”

About ALANA:

Lauded for her sultry tone, refined phrasing, and smart lyricism, ALANA belongs to a generation of unapologetically feminine voices that elevate torch singing beyond love songs and into the realm of spiritual ministry.

ALANA was born in New Mexico but grew up in Northern California where she received formal jazz vocal training. Her distinguished taste in bluegrass/gospel music and songwriting was cultivated while attending festivals, forming her decidedly Americana phrasing and lyrical choices.

Her earlier years performing were spent developing a feel for indie-pop, new folk, and downtempo. While attending art school in San Francisco, she studied fashion and art direction in advertising.

ALANA caught a bus to New York City with only a suitcase and a guitar. She supported herself through subway busking and selling hard copies of her recordings, one of which was bought and taken to London and later shown to an A&R rep.

In 2010, ALANA released an EP called The Misuse of Chemistry with Chessclub Records. The same year she also appeared on BBC6 Radio and started co-writing with The Flight (The Sinner Inside EP), David Etherington, and Dee Adams.

She stepped out of the music industry for several years, other than an appearance in Always Remember to Dance featured on the Delaware album by Another Sun – a collaboration that led to co-writing opportunities with Henry Binns and Zero 7.

In 2022 she married Michael Darius, the designer for the original iTunes and GarageBand interfaces. They live and work in Southern California.

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