Actress Patricia Contreras Latest Swimwear Photos

Actress Patricia Contreras

Don’t look now, but the newest big-time Mexican Actress may have arrived. If you looked solely at her Instagram page, you may think she’s just another pretty actress. Contrary to some of her counterparts, Contreras takes pride in sustaining the wealth of her looks, along with her intelligence, labeling herself as an “Actress, Model, and Creative Mind” on her Instagram bio.  Patricia was born in Mexico, giving her a certain flair that was needed when she began her career as a professional model in Milan. After realizing that her looks transferred to on-screen ability, she gained popularity by acting in a variety of TV series’ such as “The Lady”, and a reality TV show “Isola dei Famosi”. Her day job of an actress didn’t stop her from continuing her creative exploration. Contreras frequently takes trips to Paris to engulf herself with ways to increase creativity and visual ability, such as taking photography and painting courses. Recently, she starred in the film “Todos Los Saben”, or “Everybody Knows”. She eventually developed her own personal aesthetic concept, which is unique to Contreras. This sense of beauty helped her land a starring role in the film “Todos Los Saben”, or “Everybody Knows”. The arrow is definitely pointing upwards for the career of Contreras, one post and film at a time.

Photos by Herber Piramid


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