Above & Beyond’s cover of New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’

Above & Beyond’s cover of New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’ became a viral sensation four years after its release

The #1 viral song on TikTok with 5.5 Billion Views 
(#1 in the UK, #3 in the USA)

#1 Trending on Instagram in the UK 

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Jono goes “Behind The Song” Here

‘Blue Monday’ live at Drumsheds London Here

Above & Beyond’s cover of New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’

The indie-electronic spirit of New Order’s iconic 1983 single ‘Blue Monday’ has had a profound influence on Above & Beyond’s career. So much so that a cover of the song became a staple of Above & Beyond’s sets, debuting as a closely guarded white label at the band’s 2013 sold-out show at London’s Alexandra Palace in 2013. The full-throttle remake recreates the classic riff and drums on modern hardware and raised dance floors from New York’s Madison Square Garden to Glastonbury Festival before seeing a much anticipated official release on Anjunabeats January 20, 2020 – Blue Monday, of course.
Four years later, Above & Beyond’s ‘Blue Monday’ rework is gaining renewed traction due to a viral TikTok dance trend that uses the track. The impact of TikTok is substantial, with the trend resulting in a whopping 5.5 billion views and over 750,000 creations using the track, leading the rework to become the current #1 viral song on TikTok in the UK, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Greece, and Spain, while hitting #3 in the USA. To date, the song has reached #1 in 32 countries.
The trend has also crossed over to Instagram Reels, where it’s #1 trending in the UK, and YouTube shorts, where it received 229M streams on 3rd Party YouTube Uploads. The success has also translated into substantially increasing overall DSP streams and engagement. The song has also been used by notable celebrities & influencers, including Ant & Dec, Mr Beast, and New Order themselves!
The first evidence of the trend dates back to a video that was uploaded to TikTok on March 6 and has to date received 2.6M likes and 22M views. The track’s virality took off in the second and third weeks of March, with some of the top Tiktok creator videos in that time coming from @brentrivera, 47.6M followers, 945k likes; @merrikhanna, 35.2M followers, 22k likes; @omari.to, 32.9M followers, 12k likes; @brookemonk_, 31.8M followers, 575k likes; and @fujiiian, 25.7M followers, 693k likes, among others.
Stream Above & Beyond’s cover of ‘Blue Monday’ on all platforms Here.
Above & Beyond’s cover of New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’

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