A Guide to Becoming a Stylish Guy

Have you ever been walking down the street and passed someone who makes you think, Wow, I hope I can be that stylish one day? We have too, but what makes that guy so stylish? It’s more than the outfit—he’s confident. Luckily, you have the power to boost your confidence while boosting your style. Learn how with our guide to becoming a stylish guy.

A Guide to Becoming a Stylish Guy

Confidence is king

First and foremost, you could have the perfectly tailored outfit, but if you’re not confident, you’re not going to appear stylish. You have to own the look, especially in a society where dressing in your own style and bucking trends is taboo. Society tells you that you should blend in with everybody else, and fashion tells you to stand out with wild designs and colors. But style is timeless, as long as you’re confident.

Avoid most trends and stick to the classics

Now that we’re getting into the clothes themselves, there are two important factors to keep in mind. First, you should avoid most trends. We say most because some former trends actually lasted and became style rules, most notably, men wearing skinny or slim pants. However, most trends are not not long-lasting, and we’re trying to be stylish. Second, you should stick to classic pieces. For instance, every guy should have one good suit. Furthermore, you should have items that you can dress up or down, like a white or light blue button-down shirt, chinos, and so on.

Invest in quality

We know there are some popular stores that have really good prices, but it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for in style. A $5 T-shirt is obviously affordable, but you’ll be lucky to get a year out of the shirt, whereas a $20 T-shirt will last several years and will therefore be the better purchase in the long run. Ultimately, investing in quality is going to make your pieces last much longer. One way to purchase quality pieces is to look into vintage clothing because nothing is made the way it used to be. Another way to invest in quality is to consider a modern take on classic piece such as a ratchet belt. There are several reasons why you should choose a ratchet belt, but the best reason is that you’ll have the perfect fit.

Less is more

Many people struggling with style share one common misconception: they load up on accessories to be stylish. Every guy should have one or two quality wristwatches, but guys shouldn’t be wearing an overwhelming amount of accessories. Stick to the “less is more” idea seriously.

It’s never been a better time to try to up your style game because there are so many platforms to learn from. After reading our guide to becoming a stylish guy and other available resources, you have no excuse to not be a stylish guy. Keep in mind that your style is ultimately a lifestyle, and that it’s going to be a process. You’re not going to be stylish overnight, but you can begin somewhere and keep growing from there.

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