how to NOT destroy the planet while shopping

Let’s try and NOT kill the planet or other people with our insatiable need for FASHUN.

Cool depops I lurve:

(Cute vintage finds with a nostalgic feel)

(Some sass, some class, and some ass)

(A duo that sell the coolest refurbished vintage finds)

(A most beautiful queen who can SIT AND POSE like I’ve never SEEN)

Cool sustainable brands:

Christy Dawn (ARDENROSE15 for 15% off!)

Altar (I haven’t shopped on this site yet, but I follow their insta and it’s LIT)

Pact (which has sustainable loungewear and underwear!)


Paloma Wool (can be a lil pricey, but they have the most BEAUTIFUL stuff handcrafted in Spain)


***this video is BEEEYOONNDD unsponsored. Yo, sustainable brands, HIRE ME PLS****

PS: I’m waiting for another video to FULLY flesh out my depop, but here it is so you can follow, and know when I drop my first new pieces henny


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