8 Tips for hosting a Summer Pool Party

There’s no better way to enjoy the warm embrace of summer than with a good old fashioned pool party! The great thing about pool parties is that they have something for everyone.

Whether it’s fun floaties for kids or themed cocktails for the adults, the possibilities of a pool party are endless. Here are some tips for throwing the best pool party of the season.

8 Tips for hosting a Summer Pool Party

1: Pick a Theme

Before you get into planning, picking a theme will help you choose decor and other items. Pool party themes can be simple. Some fun pool party themes are:

  • Luau
  • Tropical
  • Beach
  • Mermaids
  • Pirate

Whatever theme you choose will influence the rest of your pool party decision making!

2: Send Out Festive Invites

After you’ve figured out a theme, it’s time to send out invitations! Use your theme to influence the type of invites you send out. Invitations for a pool party should use warm and fun colors, with images reflecting your theme. Make sure to put all important info such as what guests should bring and the time on an invite.

3: Decorations

Decorations are crucial for having a stellar pool party. The decorations are going to set the mood for your party, so have fun with it! Some options include:

  • Hanging decorations
  • Inflatables
  • Tiki torches
  • Table cloths
  • Balloons

Festive inflatables are an easy way to transform your pool into your theme. Floatie Kings’s pool floats will not only serve as a safety tool but will also give you the opportunity to create the atmosphere you desire around the theme. 

They’re also great for photo ops, and for kids to stay occupied in the pool. There are no rules when it comes to decorating! Use fun colors, get creative and enjoy yourself.

4: Create a Snack Plan

It’s not a pool party without snacks! Your guests will need fuel to keep them going in the water. Make sure to have a balance between healthy foods and not-so-healthy foods. Remember that swimming is physical activity, and only providing unhealthy snacks could result in dehydrated and miserable partygoers.

We recommend providing your guests with an array of fruits or a veggie tray. Make sure you also have protein available such as deli meats or a charcuterie plate. Chips and dip is also a classic for pool parties.

5: Don’t Forget the Cocktails

Your pool party wouldn’t be complete without refreshing cocktails for the adults! Margaritas and daiquiris are excellent pool party choices. A make-your-own margarita bar let’s guests pick their poison. You can also fill a kiddie pool with ice and various canned beverages to make sure you don’t run out!

8 Tips for hosting a Summer Pool Party

6: Make a Playlist

No party is complete without music to have fun to, so queue up your party playlists. If you have Spotify or Apple Music, they have pre-made playlists perfect for pool parties. Or, you can make your own so it’s unique and tailored to your guests!

7: Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

You can put as many items on the “what to bring” list, but someone is bound to forget something important. One such thing is sunscreen, which is crucial at a pool party. Setting up a sunscreen station with various SPF levels will ensure no one leaves looking like a lobster. This is a good place to also leave extra towels, sunglasses and other items guests may have left at home.

8: Hangover Pills

Being out in the sun, swimming and drinking all day is a recipe for dehydration and a dreadful hangover. Another thing to add to your party favor table is hangover pills. Hangover pills along with staying hydrated will ensure your guests don’t end up with a throbbing headache the next morning.

Closing Thoughts

The bottom line is that a pool party will always be a hit. Following these tips will help ensure you throw the best bash of the season. Cheers!


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