8 Must-have Apps for Women in 2022

8 Must-have Apps for Women in 2022

In the current world, women need to enable their safety through advanced techniques like applications and short-dial services. Even the government has introduced multiple ideas to promote women’s safety while traveling alone.

8 Must-have Apps for Women in 2022

Along with safety, there are multiple applications for women that can assist with routine life. These women’s safety apps will allow you to manage your health and maintain ethical work life without compromising your routine.

What Apps Does a Girl Need?

It is necessary to have some apps on your mobile phone to improve your lifestyle. Safety apps play a role in keeping prepared for unpredictable circumstances while traveling alone at night or anywhere. Similarly, some apps are essential for women to track their periods and other essentials to improve their healthy lifestyles. Along with these applications, women also need apps like GPS, instant ride-hailing, and advanced cameras to travel anywhere.

8 Must-have Apps for Women

1. My Safetipin

Unless you are a government official or a well-known figure, there is less chance for you to understand the safety level of an area you visit for professional and personal requirements.

But this application provides a safety score for each city based on advanced data analysis.

So now you can make travel arrangements and have mobility using these scores for a better understanding. It allows you to analyze the area based on available audits and custom solutions.

2. Sheroes

Sheroes is not just a social media application. In reality, it is a well-defined women’s community that allows the members to share their personal experiences that might be useful for others.

Everything is under discussion in this application, from cooking to health issues.

With this application, you can receive relationship advice, free health tips, legal advice, and other things essential for a woman.

3. iCall

A woman must have a recording application along with the female health app and safety app. Sometimes tracing through phone calls can be a mess.

It is difficult to make a complaint against someone harassing you on the phone without any proper proof. But with the iCall app, you now have the opportunity to record your incoming and outgoing calls with utmost clarity.

With this best call recorder iPhone app, you can access the recorded calls in audio format and use them for future reference. This call recorder app on the iPhone is also professionally useful for women if they want to dictate or remember the instructions given by a person on the other line.

4. bSafe

Developed by a sexual assault victim, this application focuses on protecting women with an automated alarm system and SOS message service.

It provides a real-time video streaming service that allows the person on the opposite end to view your location.

It also senses your GPS details immediately with the touch of a single button or through voice activation technology. You can also set up a list of guardians and other people to receive your information when the code is activated.

5. My Fitness Pal

Along with your health habits, it is necessary to maintain fitness. With this application, you have the opportunity to track your calories, understand the nutrients you have consumed, and make your fitness journey easier.

Now you can make your weight loss journey simple with this application in each step.

6. Maya Period Tracker and Health App for Women

Now you do not need to track your period’s cycle with a calendar or diary. Instead, use this Maya period tracker application with a fertility and ovulation calculator to track your period dates.

It also offers you to join the women’s committee through this application for future discussions and understanding of required information.

7. Skin Bliss

Skincare is an essential aspect of a woman’s routine. What if you can use AI to understand your skin needs and the care it deserves?

Skin Bliss is a cosmetics and beauty app that will help you select the best products for your skin type. The app also shares tips and information daily so that you always keep your skin healthy and natural.


All these applications help women lead a safe, healthy, and happy life. Check them out today

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