Eight Different Types Of Silver Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are one of the most popular and essential. If you’re thinking about which earrings will be next in your arsenal or are just starting to build a collection, this is a must-have accessory.

Eight Different Types Of Silver Hoop Earrings For Your Best Choice

Below you will find descriptions of the eight most popular types of silver hoop earrings. These options are suitable for every style and occasion. So let’s have a quick breakdown.

  1. A classic is always classy. If this is your first experience, then this option is a must-have for you. Crafted from sterling silver, they have a fully polished surface and are one of the best clasps you’ll ever own. The mini format makes them extremely popular for work and long journeys.
  2. Mini format and lightweight décor. If you’re looking for a reliable work companion as well as a great accessory that won’t draw too much attention to you but still makes you look stylish and attractive, medium-diameter hoops (such as 65mm) with a diamond cut decoration are your choice. It can be something more flamboyant or slightly subtle. The perfect partner for any office outfit.
  3.  Party time. You want to shine in the evening, and large-diameter hoop earrings with gemstones inlaid in a single line are a great option. A large-diameter diamond also looks great. We want to be chosen by the other ladies, who have always chosen us when we go to a party. With these accessories, you can do it, and you won’t go unnoticed. Besides, these earrings look quite stylish in the photo.
  4.  For those who love sports. Perhaps no one has come up with more comfortable and soapy earrings than haggis. They’re always a winner when you compare them to any other option. They are simple, stylish, and elegant. They are loved by men and women of all ages. Depending on the decor, they can be either inexpensive or have a pretty high price.
  5.  Teach for eternity. If you’re having trouble matching earrings to your outfit, opt for this simple polished option in a midi size (2.5–3 cm diameter). You’ll be surprised, but they really go with everything. Simple, neat, and discreet, they’re perfect for a casual or evening outfit.
  6.  Very thin and very small hoop earrings can be considered basic. They are so thin that they do not attract attention at all. An excellent choice for primary piercings of the lips, nose, eyebrows, etc.
  7. Extra hoop. It can be something really gigantic (up to the shoulder, like Rihanna), or it can be a perfectly acceptable piece of jewelry that reaches down to the middle of the neck. It looks fabulous and eye-catching, even if it doesn’t have any outstanding decor.
  8. Something more than just a hoop. You should get one if you already have a simple hoop. It looks great with any outfit. It is a silver wire twisted around its axis. Then a ring is formed. Due to the endless turns around its axis, even without additional decoration, such a ring will simply shine in your ear. The style in this case does not depend on the diameter. Choose the one that suits you best.

Eight Different Types Of Silver Hoop Earrings For Your Best Choice

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