7 Ways To Exfoliate Your Skin

7 Ways To Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliation involves removing dead skin from your body. There are many benefits to regularly exfoliating including:

  • Unclogging pores to prevent pimples
  • Maintaining an even complexion by removing darker patches
  • Softening skin to prevent fines line and wrinkles
  • Keeping your skin looking radiant

You should exfoliate your skin daily in order to reap these benefits. But just how should you exfoliate your skin? This post explores 7 different methods of exfoliation.

Natural body scrubs

Body scrubs are typically made up of an abrasive gel that can be rubbed on the skin to help remove dead skin cells. Natural body scrubs rely mainly on natural ingredients. A sugar body scrub is a popular option that uses raw sugar to exfoliate the skin, while also helping you smell great after. Scrubs should be washed off with water after using them – many people use them while washing their face in the sink or while having a shower/bath.

Chemical body scrubs

Chemical body scrubs use chemicals along with natural ingredients to help remove dead skin. Most body scrubs on the market contain chemicals such as alpha-hydroxy acids and beta-hydroxy acids, which can be very effective at loosening up dead skin. These body scrubs are less eco-friendly, which is something to consider before buying them.

Skin peel gels

Skin peel gels are gels that you can apply directly to the skin. They instantly remove the dead skin as you scrub while leaving the fresh skin beneath. While it’s best to apply body scrubs while your skin is warm and wet, skin peel gels can often be applied directly dry skin, although you’ll still likely want to wash off the gel and dead skin afterwards.

Skin peel masks

Skin peel masks are another option for getting rid of dead skin on the face. These are sometimes available as a cream or gel that when applied hardens on the skin to form a mask – you then remove the hardened mask by slowly peeling it off, which also peels off the dead skin beneath.

Other masks may come as a paper mask with a skin peel gel solution on the underside (a bit like a mask shaped waxing strip) that when similarly applied and peeled removes the dead skin.

Exfoliation sponges

You can buy slightly abrasive sponges that can help to remove the dead skin from your body as you scrub. These exfoliation sponges are ideal for using when taking a bath or showering.

Exfoliation gloves

These are similar to sponges, but they take the form of a glove that you can use to rub the skin from your body. An exfoliation glove may be easier to use than a sponge for some people. Such gloves are typically designed for use in the shower or bath, but some may be possible to use on dry skin.

Pumice stones

Pumice stones are ideal for areas of thick calloused dead skin. Most people use them on their feet, but they can be used on other areas of the body too where there is lots of thick dead skin. Pumice stone may be a little too rough to use on your face.


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