7 Cosmetic Procedures You Can Do To Get Firm Skin

7 Cosmetic Procedures You Can Do To Get Firm Skin

An extensive daily skincare routine, a lifetime of a healthy diet, or full-face makeup is not enough to combat the inevitable changes your skin will go through as you age. The reality is that those fine lines will eventually appear no matter how you prevent them from happening. Because of this, a lot of people are scouring the internet for the best procedures to combat the signs of skin aging. Some of the most common and popular ones are cosmetic procedures.

To begin it is important to note the difference between cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery. The cosmetic procedure focuses completely on improving the person’s appearance. Meanwhile, with plastic surgery, the key word here is reconstruction–completely changing the structure of the face or body.

In 2018, about 17.7 million cosmetic procedures were performed in the U.S., an increase of two percent from the year prior; and this trend will continue to boom. If you’re planning to be one of these numbers, here are some cosmetic procedures you might be interested in as you bring your looks to the next level:


This is, probably, the most heard-of procedure, endorsed by Hollywood celebrities through tabloids and electronic media. Botox is the brand name, derived from botulinum toxin. Clostridium botulinum is a toxin found in soil, plants, water, and animal intestines. It works by blocking the signal from the nerves to the muscles, causing “paralysis”. As a result, the injected muscle can no longer contract or tighten, leading it into a state of controlled relaxation. A Botox shot reduces wrinkling and crinkling, especially when making expressions. In some cases, it can prevent future wrinkles.

Having a Botox injection may be daunting at first since people who have done it are often mocked for their frozen faces. However, you shouldn’t worry as long as you research the procedure and pick the right Botox professional for more natural results.

Facelift (Rhytidectomy)

This procedure involves an incision made in front of and behind the ears. The skin is, then, “lifted” off of the deeper facial tissue and pulled for a tighter look, hence, smoothing out the wrinkles. The tissues below the skin are also altered to restore the contour of the face and the excess skin is removed. By reducing the sagging and folding of the skin, the jawline and cheeks may also be accentuated, creating a defined face shape.

If you’re considering a facelift in New York City, it’s essential to research and choose a reputable and experienced professional for the facelift procedure.

Brow Lift

Also known as forehead lift or browplasty, this procedure rejuvenates anything above the eyes by raising the slumping eyebrows and removing wrinkles. This procedure of repositioning the muscles fixes the possible problem of constantly looking fatigued, angry, or distraught.

7 Cosmetic Procedures You Can Do To Get Firm Skin

Chemical Peel

This procedure may handle scars, acne, and wrinkles by using an acid solution to remove old dead cells and layers of the skin. You may choose from a light peel, medium, or deep peel. The deeper the peel, the longer the recovery time. Regardless of the type, all are safe. Applying the peel doesn’t take too long, but in the following days, the layers of your skin will peel, revealing smoother and newer skin.

Soft Tissue Fillers

As the name suggests, medical device implants, in the form of a gel, are injected into the layers of the skin to create a fuller and smoother appearance. These implants are also known as wrinkle fillers or dermal fillers. These are not permanent and require frequent visits to maintain your wrinkle, line, or scar-free look. The fillers can last from six months up to two years, depending on the procedure you choose.


Thermage is a popular procedure among celebrities, performed by the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Gwenyth Paltrow. This involves using a device with radio-frequency energy that heats the skin. The heat stimulates your body to make collagen. Over the next three to six months, this new collagen creates a fuller, toned, lifted guise. This is non-invasive and has zero downtime.

Laser Procedures

A nonablative laser gets under the layers of the skin without harming the surface area. Hence, this procedure requires less recovery time. The laser procedure also helps in producing collagen thus improving tone and firmness.


Whatever procedure you decide to choose, select the right professional and clinic after proper research. You also need to have a good support group around you while going through the procedure. Whether it’s botox, facelift, brow lift, chemical peel, fillers, thermage, or laser, getting a cosmetic procedure isn’t reversible. So, a refined skincare routine at home before and after your procedure can help in maintaining the effects of these procedures. Hence, you need to do thorough research so you can feel confident not only after your procedure but before it too.


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