6 Ways to Make Them Addicted to You

6 ways to make them addicted to you

6 Ways to Make Them Addicted to You

Have you ever noticed that in a group of people, at times, there are people you just can’t get out of your mind? Maybe it’s their aura or vibe you get around them, or maybe it’s their charismatic personality that makes them instantly likable and you just can’t stop thinking about them.

We shouldn’t live our lives seeking approvals from others. But, we definitely can’t deny the fact that we need to be accepted by society to work things out. Be it a Corporate or family gathering, these 6 tips will make people addicted to you.

  1. Ask people more about the things they love: ”People love talking about themselves”, says psychology. But, do they get someone genuinely interested in listening to them? Very often, people have so much to express and no one to listen to them. That’s when your role comes into the picture. By asking them questions about the things they love will spark their joy and they will express all their unexpressed thoughts with ease. This will make you more likable and they will look forward to talking to you.
  2. Be humble: Bragging is obsolete and so is arrogance. Empathy is what’s ruling the world. Remember how your mother used to say, “Treat people how you want to be treated yourself”? Well, it’s high time to take her advice. Nobody, I repeat, nobody likes to be with someone who treats them poorly. Be humble and flaunt that big smile. After all, positivity isn’t overrated.
  3. Accept when you don’t know something: Do you really wanna be the know-it-all of the group? I’m sure you don’t. The problem with a person who thinks that he knows it all is that they close the door for learning and improvement which in turn keeps them from knowledge as well as being liked by others. The one who thinks he knows it all ends up not knowing anything. Accept that you are oblivious to many things in the world and learn to learn.
  4. Refrain from cursing: If you think that foul language makes you appear cooler, it’s high time for you to get out of that fallacy. All it’s doing is to set your image as a person with low education, poor vocab, and underdeveloped intellect. If you really want people to think highly of you, keep that cribbing aside and start talking positively with polished words.
  5. Let them know that you aren’t perfect: Oh yes! As crazy as it sounds, people actually feel more comfortable with flawed humans as they are easy to relate to. A perfect person will have difficulty having people to like and accept him. I use this trick all the time. I let them know that I’m terrible at math and a dummy when it comes to directions. Also that I’m super lazy and all I love is to sleep. Every time it works wonders for me. It instantly breaks the ice and people easily accept me as one of them.
  6. Always exit on a high note: Ever heard of the phrase “never be the first to arrive and last to leave a party”? Well, it applies everywhere. Even in social conversations. Walk out of the room just when the conversation is at its peak. This will keep the mystery alive and leave people wanting more of you. On the other hand, staying for too long will drain you out and devalue you. Think it this way, do you think prince charming would have been addicted to Cinderella if he had talked to her for 6 more hours? No, right? She kept the charm and mystery alive by leaving at the climax. This is the same addiction you want people to have for you. So, leave that FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) behind and start valuing your time.

Keep these points in mind the next time you’re at a social gathering or meeting someone new. Let your personality be unforgettable. #vibecheck

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