6 Ways On Finding Inner Peace During a Pandemic

6 Ways On Finding Inner Peace During a Pandemic

The globe is facing an enormous health crisis today. Countries around the world have increasing COVID-19 cases and deaths everyday. The disease is taking a great toll on people’s emotional and mental health. It causes panic and anxiety for most everyone, which is as dangerous as the pandemic itself.

6 Ways On Finding Inner Peace During a Pandemic
6 Ways On Finding Inner Peace During a Pandemic

In these times of crisis, people often worry and check others’ situations, but having peace of mind and considering your wellness should be your priority.

To ensure that you’re able to take care of yourself, here are six ways to find your inner peace:


During this time, where people are suffering physically, mentally, and financially, many are in panic and instability about what could happen next. These overwhelming feelings create strong emotions for both children and adults.

6 Ways On Finding Inner Peace During a Pandemic
6 Ways On Finding Inner Peace During a Pandemic

Through mindful meditations, you can reduce the production of stress hormones, improve emotional health, and prevent depression.

Furthermore, COVID-19 is a highly contagious disease that attacks the body, especially the respiratory system. While meditating isn’t proven to protect you from the disease, it can still strengthen your immune system. Meditation has good effects on the lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell that creates antibodies and fights against disease-causing cells.

2. Establish A Healthy and Active Routine

Exercising at home can help overcome anxiety and instill peace. Your new normal should involve keeping yourself busy with health-related activities that help achieve a sense of control. For instance, you can perform a daily workout that focuses on the body that you wish to achieve.

A great example of daily physical activity is yoga as it has the following benefits:

  • Increases balance and flexibility
  • Lose weight
  • Improves energy, vitality, and respiration
  • Maintains a steady metabolism
  • Prevents the risk of injury
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Promotes better sleep

Incorporating healthy desk snacks during your routine can also help pamper yourself. There’s nothing wrong with grabbing a snack or two after your activities, but you have to ensure a balanced and healthy diet to prevent feeling tired while working out.

3. Limit Yourself From Social Media

As much as you want to be updated, consuming all your time with no positive news at sight heightens your anxiety. Avoiding the mainstream news is one of the ways to prevent traumatic stress and have a peaceful mind.

Instead of keeping the TV on news channels all day, committing to few news stations and setting a time limit for at least 30 minutes in both the morning and evening is a way to inform yourself with the latest news without harming your mental health. When it comes to reading newspapers, opt for responsible and reliable sources. You can also read articles from the entertainment and lifestyle section to divert your attention.

Additionally, follow people who inspire you through their positive mindset instead of those who always complain about the situation. These people will help you overcome your worries and motivate you to have an optimistic perspective in life.

4. Keep In Touch With Your Family and Friend

Social distancing is already a part of the new normal, which means it’s difficult to invite your friends or go out with your family. In times like these, your days might be dull, and you probably want to talk to your loved ones.

Fortunately, there are various ways you can do online to keep in touch with your friends and family while social distancing:

  • Video call. It’s the easiest way to connect with your friends as there are apps that let you see someone online without leaving your house. Examples include FaceTime, Skype, and WhatsApp.
  • Virtual game night. Even if you’re indoors, you can still have fun playing games such as card games via video call. You can also create more memories and deepen your relationship by playing board games with your family if you’re living with them.
  • Stream movies. Because of the pandemic, going to a movie theater isn’t a priority of people these days. Still, you can stream movies with your loved ones by choosing a particular movie and watching it at the same time.
  • Send cards and letters. Just like before, when people are using letters to communicate, you can let your creativity flow and send them personalized cards. Through these cute notes, you can show them what you’re thinking, and your effort will make them realize that you love them.
  • Phone call. Dialing your friend or family member to ask how they’re doing is one of the small acts of kindness you can do to make them happy.

5. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Because social gatherings are not allowed, schools are closed, and most countries are switching to long-distance learning as everyone is required to stay inside their houses. Getting out of your comfort zone and doing things that interest you play a role in how you can have peace of mind.

For example, spend time learning Spanish and French so that you have basic knowledge when you travel to France and Spain. You can also apply for online courses or focus on your work at home. Additionally, you can try to study how to play the keyboards or guitar, or spend more time with your family through different activities.

The best thing about being at home is that you have all the time to perform activities that you want to try but failed to do so when you were busy before. Through this opportunity, you’ll be able to learn more skills, allowing you to grow your body, mind, and spirit.

6. Pray Solemnly

Problems always come to people’s lives, and whenever a dilemma happens, people immediately seek help through their prayers. COVID-19 awakened people’s faith in their divine beings. Through prayers, people communicate with God and bring everyone closer to Him. It’s also a way to ask for guidance, happiness, safety, and healing for everyone.

Spiritual well-being is a crucial aspect in a person’s life. You can pray anywhere and anytime whenever you think you need to say a little prayer. Nothing can beat a solemn prayer when it comes to boosting your spirituality. For a great prayer experience, find a quiet and private place where you can reflect for a longer time without any disruption. 

You can further enhance your spiritual experience by reading inspiring quotes. Watching inspiring videos and listening to spiritual talks and shows are also great activities to grow your spiritual well-being.

Along with prayer and meditation, you can also wear healing crystals to improve your overall spiritual well-being. Crystals have different uses and meanings in life, providing mindfulness and relaxation. Some of the examples of healing crystals include jasper, topaz, obsidian, amazonite, and selenite. When it comes to selenite meaning, this crystal means clarity and consciousness.

Online counseling is another activity you can try to grow your spiritual well-being. Spiritual advisers and mental health experts offer their counseling services during this time of pandemic. You can pray with a religious representative over the phone or through video conferencing with other people, boosting spirituality and unity. After all, praying comes in different forms and can always be done within the recesses of your heart.


The pandemic has shaken everyone, and every day feels frightening, but you still have to be resilient and positive to get through these challenges.

Consider these ways to shelter yourself in a safe place during this tough time. Always remind yourself that you’ll carry on stronger than before.

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