5 Ways To Strengthen Your Nails

5 Ways To Strengthen Your Nails

Healthy, strong nails not only look good, but also indicate good health. You can take general cosmetic measures to ensure healthy, durable nails, but you can also do a number of other things. Some of these options are fairly simple, and some might require changes to your lifestyle. The good news is none of these measures are very difficult. Here, we discuss some helpful ways to strengthen your nails.

Ways To Strengthen Your Nails

Consider a Biotin Supplement

One thing that can strengthen your fingernails is biotin, a B vitamin. This vitamin is never naturally stored in our bodies because it’s not water-soluble. To get any benefit from it, you must consume biotin daily. The vitamin has to ability to strengthen nails and hair and help with the function of the body’s nervous system. You can take it as a supplement or find it in foods such as sardines, cooked eggs, and legumes.

Reduce Exposure of Your Nails to Water

One of the simplest ways to strengthen your nails is reducing their exposure to water. Consider how long you might be in the shower or soak in the bathtub. When you consistently soak your nails in water, they become weak and brittle. Taking measures such as enjoying quicker showers or baths or wearing gloves when you’re doing the dishes can help with this.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

On the other hand, drinking enough water throughout the day has a number of health benefits. One that’s relevant here is what it does for your nails. When you’re dehydrated, your nails won’t get enough moisture, which will make them brittle and easy to break. Be sure to consume 2.7 to 3.7 liters of water a day.

Be Mindful of Your Diet

As we mentioned above, your nails need sufficient vitamins to grow and remain healthy. Much of your daily vitamins come from your food. If you’re not incorporating enough nutritious food in your diet, your nails will suffer. Eat a healthy and varied diet. Taking a multivitamin doesn’t hurt, either. This will benefit your health beyond your nails.

Pay Attention to the Products You Use

Keep in mind the products you choose to use on your nails. Do your research to avoid treatments that contain harsh chemicals, which could end up weakening your nails. If you enjoy getting manicures that give you stylish, pretty nails, you can opt for something such as a dip powder treatment. Dip powder nails are different from traditional acrylic because they’re durable yet flexible. On top of that, gel and acrylic nails can cause the natural nail to peel, which further weakens them.

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