5 Ways To Prevent Boredom When a NYC Snowstorm Hits

5 Ways To Prevent Boredom When a NYC Snowstorm Hits

When New York City snowstorms hit, it’s easy to feel cooped up. Outside, the temperatures have dropped and the winds are rattling windows and shaking doors. People don’t want to be caught outside for fear of catching a cold, but being inside for so many consecutive hours can make you stir-crazy. When you’re trapped by the elements, what are you supposed to do?

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If you or your friends and family are looking for ways to stave off boredom during a blizzard, you probably have more options than you’re aware of. All it takes it a little bit of motivation (and resisting the temptation to sleep) and you can turn what would be a boring snowy day into something memorable. Get creative, get together, and make the best of it!

Break Out The Board Games

Remember all of those times where you received a birthday or holiday present, shook the box around, and were quietly disappointed to find a board game? You’re not alone, but now you have the perfect opportunity to turn that all around. Find whatever nook you’ve been stashing them in and bring them out for you and your friends and family to play with. It’s hard to think of a more interactive, communal, and fun way to spend the day inside.

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Immerse Yourself In Video Games

With all of the high-end game systems sold every year, it’s possible that at least one has ended up in your house. Invite someone over, take out a few controllers, and get gaming. This is a fun way to take your mind off the snowstorm outside and immerse yourself in a beautiful digital world full of challenge and adventure.

If you don’t have a game system, there are countless games that you can access through your computer, alongside plenty of sites like Online Casinos to try your luck on. If you learn how to play Roblox, or any other MMO (massive multiplayer online) you will be able to interact with all of the other gamers out there who are also trying to distract themselves from the cold.

Make Something Delicious

Rather than let the snowstorm get you down, use it as a backdrop for a delicious meal. When you cook during a snowstorm, you not only warm your house up, but you can also make it smell wonderful and festive. If you don’t have amazing recipes memorized, reference online cookbooks which are filled with thousands of recommendations for winter weather treats.

If cooking something elaborate strikes you as a hassle, consider opting for something simpler like hot cocoa. It’s incredibly simple to make, and allows you to cook with marshmallows which is fun for both kids and adults.

Visit Central Park

Whenever it starts to snow, Central Park turns into a winter wonderland. During non-winter months, New York’s green lung is a great place to wander and escape the constant bustle of traffic, but don’t miss an opportunity to walk around when it’s frosty outside. It can feel like an adventure, and there are plenty of fun activities that you and your friends and family can do. It’s possible to cross-country ski, go snowshoeing, or even ice skate. These free activities are a great way to turn a boring day into something memorable.

Tour a Famous New York Museum

Museums are ideal for someone who wants to not only eliminate their snowstorm boredom, but to feel like they’ve done something productive with their day. In the galleries of New York’s best museums are once-in-a-generation artists, whose work has been preserved for you to contemplate. When it snows, most museums are less crowded because others don’t want to brave the winter weather, so it will feel like you have the museum all to yourself. If you have a special someone or a friend to go with you, even better.

If you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to get around on a snowy day, consider a rideshare service. There should be no reason that you can’t still have a full and productive day, free of boredom, even if there’s a snowstorm outside. However, if you want to spend your day indoors, there are plenty of ways to entertain yourself while avoiding the cold. Get together with some friends and enjoy!

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