5 Must-Know Tips For Styling Your Ammolite Jewelry

Jewelry has been an essential element of fashion ever since humans started wearing clothes. It has gone from a status symbol to a piece to complement a person’s overall look. And even to this day, people are finding new ways to style themselves in all types of jewelry and gemstones.

One of the rarest gemstones is the ammolite, a gem so limited that you can only find it in one place on this planet, in Alberta, Canada. It’s an exotic stone coming from the fossilized shells of ancient marine mollusks known as ammonites. Despite its interesting origin, ammolite has become a fashion statement due to its unique and beautiful colors.

Ammolite Jewelry

Ammolite comes in various shapes and sizes, and when worn, these can bring life to a dull outfit. Here are some ways you can style them in your next fashion endeavors:

1. Save Them For Special Occasions

They look sturdy and pretty to look at, but ammolite is notorious for being a delicate stone. Still, if you’re into dainty, classy pieces, you can get yourself a pair of ammolite earrings or a pendant on this website. You’ll look stunning with one while in a neutral-colored dress in black or white.

Avoid wearing it every day to prevent damage. Ammolite is sensitive to extreme temperatures, don’t expose it to heat and sunlight as well as anywhere extremely cold. Temperature changes can affect the colors and clarity of ammolite stone. It’s suggested to wear ammolite jewelry during the night, as long as it isn’t too chilly or humid.

2. Here’s To Your Ears

Ammolite jewelry often comes in the form of earrings. You should have one perfect pair as it enhances the natural beauty of your face. Always consider your face shape and the event you’re attending. Here are two styles of ammolite earrings you can choose from:

  • Teardrop earrings

If you’re unsure what style suits your face shape, try wearing teardrop ammolite earrings. This design complements any face shape, be it oval, square, diamond, or heart. They’re versatile and easy to pair in any outfit, whether you dress up or dress down.

  • Stud earrings

Sometimes clean and simple is the way to go. Studs are elegant, making them great for everyday wear. But who’s to say you shouldn’t wear stud earrings on a night out? Ammolite studs complement well with your eyes or the style of your makeup. Even if you decide to wear something with a little pop of color, ammolite stones will match perfectly with your outfit.

Ammolite Jewelry

3. SEA You Next Time

Nowadays, many ladies love wearing jewelry at the beach to give some boost to their swimwear. Though the lovely greens and oranges of ammolite stones make it tempting to wear them on your next trip to the tropics, it’s best to keep these babies at home.

The beach equates to sun and sea, which is a huge no-nos for ammolite stones. It’s so delicate that you must keep it dry at all times, except when you’re cleaning it.

  • Cleaning ammolite

To clean ammolite jewelry, use warm water and a soft cloth. Gently rub dirt and grime away, then rinse with cool water. Pat dry using a clean towel or you may air dry it.

You may also opt for wipes if it’s not full of extra chemicals. Check out these eight other jewelry cleaners to keep your precious jewels dirt-free. Ammolite stones are gorgeous, but you shouldn’t neglect the other accessories in your collection as well.

4. Go Easy On the Pieces

Stacking jewelry is definitely in, but there’s always a limit to how much you can and should wear. If you’re already wearing necklaces and earrings to bring attention to your face, take a second to think about wearing that stack of rings and bangles.

An ammolite piece on its own is statement enough due to the colors it shows. But since it pairs well with other colors, you might consider wearing it with other jewelry. When donning bold ammolite earrings, choose a subtle, barely-there necklace to complement them, or go without one altogether. Though, if you also have an ammolite pendant on-hand, this goes great as a partner to your earrings.

Mix and match as you see fit. And before heading out for the evening, try taking off and leaving behind one accessory. That piece may be the reason your outfit looks weirdly tacky.

5. Swerve From Style Trends

Any true fashionista wouldn’t be caught dead wearing old-fashioned styles. But that shouldn’t be the reason for you to follow trends blindly either. Trends come and go, and so do the fashion pieces that come with them. Ammolite jewelry can be considered an investment because it’ll never go out of style.

Stick to what suits your preference and sense of style best. You’ll not only look and feel comfortable but also be more confident. In addition, your personality plays a significant role in fashion, and if the latest trends don’t vibe with you, you don’t need to follow that.

Ammolite jewelry may not always be on the list of current trends, but it may find more fame in the coming years. They’ll always work well with any fancy or straightforward outfit. Experiment with these ways to style your little black dress and consider your ammolite pieces to complement it.

Shine Bright Like An Ammolite

Rare, beautiful, and almost magical, ammolite stones have made quite a mark in the fashion world. Their rarity is what makes them valuable. But their flexibility to fit any style and occasion makes people want to keep them.

If you decide to get ammolite jewelry, you’ll be getting something truly unique that’ll you’ll cherish forever.

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