5 Famous Hollywood Beards and How to Copy Them

Hollywood Beards
Credit – Wikipedia / Gage Skidmore

A beard is a fashion accessory you cannot simply buy; it has to be worked at, maintained, and lovingly crafted over a period of time.

Perhaps that is part of a beard’s timeless appeal, a symbol of a man’s care and attention when it comes to his looks. A magnificent beard cannot be bought; it takes hard work and dedication. If you’ve followed our five tips to getting a great beard, you’ve made a good start.

Many top stars have helped bring beards back into vogue in recent years, whether as part of a character or their own personal styles. Whilst many other influences can lead to a man sporting fine facial hair, let’s take a look at six Hollywood beards that set the benchmark.

Tom Hardy

hollywood beards
Credit – Wikipedia / Gage Skidmore

From his humble beginnings in Black Hawk Down, Tom Hardy has gone on to become one of the UK’s most successful exports, showing a wide range of skills spanning several genres. He’s most at home playing rugged gangster types but can turn his hand to more sensitive and challenging roles such as that of Ivan Locke in Locke, a film in which he is the only actor seen on screen.

His beard can vary from time to time, but he’s usually sporting a short, stubbly effort, which takes little care or attention. Be sure to use beard oil, as always, and keep it trimmed to achieve the proper look.

Chris Hemsworth

hollywood beards
Credit – Radio Times

Hemsworth is best known for playing Thor in the Marvel franchise, with Looper reporting that he is set to reprise the role in the expected 2021 release of Thor: Love and Thunder.

Growing his Thor beard is a challenging task and requires great patience. We recommend getting plenty of exercise as it is known for stimulating beard growth, and using oils are essential for those longer efforts. Regular trimming will ensure it remains neat.

Hemsworth’s Thor has become a part of common culture, with the actor truly defining the role and making it his own. That’s reflected across a wide range of media. There are two titles on Foxy Games inspired by the Thor character that pay homage to Hemsworth’s version. Thor’s Lightning and Thunderstruck II both use elements that Marvel and Hemsworth have made famous, including the blue and red armor, his hammer, and of course, the character’s beard.

Hugh Jackman

hollywood beards
Credit – GQ

Jackman is perhaps best known for playing Wolverine but has impressed in a wide range of roles, including the critically acclaimed ‘Australia’ alongside Nicole Kidman. Playing ‘the Drover’ he helped make the fresh take on Australian history a wonderful epic movie.

His beard is not as easy to replicate; it’s got that little hint of grey in it that distinguishes him from others. Trimmed neatly at the sides but often a good length, to replicate you’ll need about four decades of life experience before you even start.

Jason Momoa

hollywood beards
Credit – Wikipedia / Eva Rinaldi

Jason Momoa is best known for his role outside of Hollywood, in the beard-friendly TV series ‘Game of Thrones’. He played Khal Drogo, a role The Metro reveals he got courtesy of fan recommendations on the internet. He’s recently broken into Hollywood, starring in movies such Justice League and Aquaman.

Momoa’s beard is a work of art; clearly, he uses plenty of moisturizing products as well as beard oil. It’s finely trimmed, no stray bristles spoiling the aesthetic. If you want the full Khal Drogo look, you’ll need a hairdresser willing to spend time weaving a couple of years’ worth of growth into a tight ponytail before adding beads and bands.

Jake Gyllenhaal

hollywood beards
Credit – Glamour

For the perfect Gyllenhaal beard, you’ll need to be looking to convert from a boy to a man. After making his name in Donnie Darko, the naturally baby-faced actor used his facial hair to add that element of manliness that helped redefine him as an actor.

He’s well groomed and again plenty of care has been taken when thickening his beard up. Eat well, get the right nutrition into you to promote better hair growth, but as with all good beards, make sure you oil plenty and be patient.


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