5 Big Fashion Trends to Try in 2019

Big Fashion Trends to Try in 2019

Last year, looks from the 1990s and early 2000s reigned supreme, influencing many of the year’s biggest trends. Some of the most popular trends among influencers and beyond were dad sneakers, bamboo bags, athleisure, and oversized clothing, to name a few. Although many new trends will be introduced this year, you can expect some of these styles to continue well into 2019. That’s good news if you don’t want to give up your 90s fashion just yet! Here are five of the biggest fashion trends this year:

1. All Neutrals, All the Time

Expect head-to-toe neutral looks to be trending all year, but especially during the colder months. Beige, oatmeal, chocolate, and gray will all be big colors. Although many fashionistas are claiming that all-brown looks will replace the all-black look this year, don’t count on it — the all-black look is currently having a moment and isn’t expected to go anywhere. To rock this look now, choose slacks, a sweater, coat, and shoes all in the same neutral shade. As for your handbag? Opt for a different neutral shade or a bold color.

2. The 90s Are Here to Stay

Many 80s styles — skirts and pantsuits, shoulder pads, and dresses with bold prints — might be trending on the runways, but the 90s look will still be big this year. Influencers are especially loving combat boots, the grunge look, and bike shorts right now. (Take a look on Instagram if you need some inspiration.) But mini backpacks, neon, and strappy sandals will be more popular this year than some of the 90s trends from last year. If you’re intimidated by neon and want to try it in a quieter way, add neon statement earrings to a neutral outfit or neon heels for a night out.

3. Statement Colors

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If wearing all neutrals isn’t your thing, there are two bold colors that will be big this year: orange and yellow. More specifically, burnt orange is cropping up everywhere this year, from clothing to home decor. Some trend spotters even expect it to finally push out millennial pink as the color of the year. As for yellow — which has been tagged the It color of Generation Z — this color has been all over the S/S runways, so expect to see it in every store this spring. Add some yellow to your wardrobe for an easy way to brighten up an otherwise dull and rainy spring day.

4. Fashion Goes West

Yes, the western look is still trending in 2019, but in a different way than last year. This year, this fashion statement — beloved by ranchers, nostalgic Westerners, and poker players alike — is more about cowboy boots, fringe, and turquoise jewelry than cowboy hats. If adding cowboy boots in a non-traditional print or bright color is a little too adventurous for you, try adding cowboy-style ankle boots to your wardrobe instead. Pick up some turquoise jewelry and a fringe jacket or bag and you’ve got this year’s western trend down.

5. Tie-Dye Is for Adults Too

Tie-dye was all over the S/S 2019 runways. Influencers and editors alike are already buying and sporting this trend ahead of schedule. But how can you wear it? Avoid looking like you’re at camp by opting for a tie-dye tee with shades of one to two colors. Wear it during the warmer spring and summer months for rooftop parties, barbecues, and lazy Sunday afternoons. If you want to mix things up, try a tie-dye dress or jumpsuit.

Tired of your wardrobe but not sure what to do? Trying the latest trends can be a great way to play around with fashion and mix up your day-to-day look. Have fun playing around with your wardrobe and experiencing the new year in a new way. Give the above trends a shot — who knows, maybe you’ll like some of them enough to add them to your wardrobe permanently!

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