4 Useful Tips for a First-Time Thrifter

4 Useful Tips for a First-Time Thrifter

Thrift stores have quickly become a place where many people can pick up some incredible clothes that are difficult, if not impossible, to find anywhere else. Whether you’re used to bargain shopping or not, thrift stores offer something for everyone nowadays. There is a certain culture to thrifting, and it even has its own lingo, but you don’t have to be intimidated if you’ve never done it before. Check out these useful tips for a first-time thrifter to learn how it all works.

4 Useful Tips for a First-Time Thrifter

Make a List of What You Need

You are going to be faced with a lot of choices when you get to the thrift store, so many that you may get overwhelmed. To avoid this, check through your own closet and decide what you’ll really be looking for. Write down the items you need so you can reference the list if you get overwhelmed looking through the thrift shop racks. Having a plan will help ensure you get out with the items you actually need.

Start Small

Seeing the prices on most thrift store clothing might make you want to go on a spree of buying everything you can snatch up. However, you aren’t going to get the juicy finds unless you plan to leave with less. Take enough time to search the racks carefully for items that may be more valuable than they first appear. Planning to only buy a few things will help you find the items you’re actually looking for.

Throw Out Any Stereotypes

One of the best tips for a first-time thrifter is to lose any of the preconceived notions you may have had about thrift shopping. Just because thrift stores sell used items, that doesn’t mean the items are dirty or unsafe to own. You’ll have a much better time at your thrift store of choice if you decide to go in with an open mind. You may even find something that could shake up your entire style if you’re open to the possibilities.

Wear Clothes That Allow for Trying On

Every item you find in a thrift store is going to have a slightly different fit than the items next to it. You’re going to want to double-check and make sure the things you’ve found actually fit before buying it. The best way to do this is to wear clothes that are easy to wear under other clothes. This will allow you to try on more clothes without always going into a dressing room.

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