4 Embroidery Fashion Trends For 2021

4 Embroidery Fashion Trends For 2021

4 Embroidery Fashion Trends For 2021

As a hobby, art, and fashion trend, embroidery is taking the fashion industry by storm. The lockdowns imposed in 2020 to curb the spread of COVID-19 seem to have boosted creativity if the embroidery trends and designs coming up is anything to go by. Mostly, when thinking about embroidery, threading, and handcrafting, it’s easier to think of history.

But as it’s said, history repeats itself. And it seems like so does fashion but in a better and more innovative way. While the craft itself dates back in time, looking at today’s social boards and pages speaks of a very current trend. It’s quite clear that embroidery has a considerable stake and a commanding presence even in today’s fashion. It’s more creative, expressive, and all the more beautiful. Some renowned designers have embraced the style for years.

Thus, looking forward, watch out for these embroidery trends that will dominate the fashion industry in 2021.

4 Embroidery Fashion Trends For 2021

1. Fabric Rejuvenation

In 2020, life humbled the world and taught people to appreciate things more. Instead of throwing away that old shirt or pair of jeans, there’ll be more fabric rejuvenation by refreshing them with embroidery on the worn-out parts.

Beautiful works of art will be covering up stains on clothes this year. Instead of throwing clothes away, we’ll see more embroidered patches and threaded patterns to cover up an undesired section of the clothes. Shoulders and collars will also get a bit of embroidery to give them a more updated look. Also, there’ll be revamping of new clothes that need a bit of edge.

With many artists, designers, and customers becoming more and more mindful of the environment, reusing clothes by decorating them with embroidery is both fashionable and marketable in 2021. But it’s also important that the designers opt for biodegradable thread or yarn. Synthetic threads may cause more harm to the environment as they will take more time decomposing in the waste dump.

2. More Personalized Embroidery

This is, by far, the most popular embroidery trend of the season. The reason is that people love personalized items and the sentimental value of the design. People want to be able to wear their favorite quotes on their clothes or have their pets embroidered on their bags and so forth.

Custom gifts now feel even more thoughtful and valuable when they contain personalized embroidery, even when it’s just a simple gift. As the trend continues to grow, emerging companies provide print-on-demand services where you can have any item embroidered for your need and taste.

There are still people who prefer hand embroidery, but machines are available for commercial purposes to make larger orders quicker. The technology has also made things easier by developing programs to enhance and manipulate a design to customize it.

3. Making Bold Statements

While still dealing with the effects of the pandemic, individuals are now more aware that life is short, and you need to say what you want before it’s too late. After being shut down for a year, people seem to be finding their voice in fashion, especially embroidery. This fashion trend will see more people passing different messages through fashion. Remember Melania Trump’s ‘I don’t care’ message?

No statement can speak louder than saying it boldly on your clothing or fashion accessory. So, in 2021, when you want to say something, say it embroidered; fashion will understand.

4. Appreciating Nature

If there’s a trend that never gets old, it’s one featuring nature. Embroidered nature scenes are an absolute eye-catcher and a classic fashion trend. It’s classic and timeless and continues to take a spot in the fashion industry in 2021.

Whether it’s a floral pattern or images of domestic or wild animals, nature seems to never get out of style. There’s also the trend of featuring huge feather embroidery designs on comforters and throw pillows, giving the home a touch of fashion that’s simple yet bold.

Make A Statement

Whether it’s being done on a colored background or a plain one, embroidery still makes a bold fashion statement by adding a bit of edge to anything it touches. Among the clothing, you will see embroidered dresses, denim, sweaters, and accessories like belts and earrings.

Embroidery pieces may need special care, but it never runs out of style. The designs are becoming bolder and better with time. Pointers are showing that most designers still have a particular liking for floral patterns and designs, and 2021 won’t be any different.

The best thing about embroidery is the ability to create perfection in the shape and color of a design. This is mainly for hand embroidery that gives a more artistic and natural feel. Thus, if you want to stand out from the crowd in 2021, you need to embrace embroidery because you’ll see a lot of it.

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