3 Ways to Look Your Best While on Vacation

Winter seems to drag on forever. Sometimes a tropical getaway is just the thing you need to bring you out of your winter slump. Vacation is more than just a time to relax and feel your best; it’s also the perfect opportunity to look your best. This guide to three great ways to look your best while on vacation will help you make the most of your getaway and score the best travel photos of your life at the same time.

3 Ways to Look Your Best While on Vacation

Adjust your beauty routine

Your daily beauty routine will likely need to undergo a few minor adjustments in order to make it past strict TSA laws and baggage restrictions. In order to keep your luggage under the weight requirement, consider adding a few multipurpose beauty items to your routine. A combination foundation and sunscreen or a lip tint that can double as blush will help maximize space in your suitcase while also minimizing its weight.

You may also need to adjust your beauty routine according to your travel destinations climate. Certain makeup products may react differently in extremely arid or humid climates. Eyelash adhesive, for instance, will be significantly affected by a humid climate and will likely adhere much differently than you’re used to at home. In order to counteract this, try to choose high-quality products that are guaranteed to maintain their integrity regardless of climate.

Pre-pamper yourself

One of the most effective ways to look your best while on vacation is to pre-pamper yourself. This may sound a bit silly, as you’re supposed to be relaxing and pampering while on the vacation itself. However, planning ahead and indulging in a bit of self-care prior to embarking on your trip will ensure that every hair is in place long before you even step foot on the plane. Plan a hair and nail appointment about a week before your departure date. Getting yourself all spruced up and looking good before setting out on your vacation will ensure that you look picture perfect in every travel photo, even the candid ones.

Work with the weather

Mother Nature can be quite finicky, even when on vacation. As such, it’s important to work with the weather, rather than hoping the weather will bend to your will. Pack clothing that will suit a variety of temperatures and weather. Consider also packing items that can easily be layered with one another. This will guarantee that you’re prepared for anything Mother Nature throws your way. Being prepared for a variety of weather changes will also safeguard your favorite clothing from being ruined by a sudden downpour or change in the wind.

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