3 Tips for Throwing a Unique Winter Wedding

Throwing a wedding can become really stressful, and a winter wedding can add another layer of stress. If you will host it in an area that could experience inclement weather, you may feel even more stress. This article gives some great tips for throwing a unique winter wedding to take some of that anxiety away.

3 Tips for Throwing a Unique Winter Wedding

Before the Wedding

When you’re still planning, it’s important to see the venue at night. Since the majority of the special day will take place inside after the sun goes down, you’ll want to get a sense of the venue’s lighting and vibe. A bonus of going with the winter season is it’s not as common for weddings. This means you’ll likely get a deal. Something you should keep in mind though is travel. Roads could definitely get bad, so build extra time into the day. With that said, it may not be a bad idea to invest in wedding insurance, just in case something were to happen.


While your wedding will look beautiful with the snow, everything is going to be white and grey. Now that’s not necessarily bad, especially if that’s what you like, but you may want to incorporate some color with flowers and centerpieces. Maybe you’ll want to get creative with table décor as well. For example, you could have white chairs, but then contrast them with navy blue table clothes. Since the season naturally appears dark and gloomy, you can also incorporate lights into your wedding.

The Big Day

One of the best tips for throwing a unique winter wedding is to have hot beverage options. Guests will love a warm spiced wine or cocktail. You can also incorporate seasonal desserts, such as cookies and wafers, in addition to the cake of course. Another really cool touch (no pun intended) would be including winter themed ice sculptures to table displays or at the bars.

Lastly, don’t forget about what to wear. Dress the groom and groomsmen in seasonal colors, and definitely incorporate textures. In addition, the bride and bridesmaids should have long sleeves or pashminas to keep them warm. Getting sick a few days after the best day of your life would put a damper on the honeymoon.

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