3 Tips for a Fun Virtual Girls Night In

The world is a different place than it was several weeks ago. New York has completely shut down. Popular spots like Times Square and Central Park are entirely empty. New Yorkers are getting stir crazy from being stuck inside, yet it’s vital to practice social distancing continuously. Ladies, you can still hang with your girlfriends from the comfort of your home. Read these three tips for a virtual girls’ night in, so you can catch up with the people you love.

3 Tips for a Virtual Girls’ Night In

Double-Check Your Tech

One essential tip for a virtual girls’ night in is to make sure all your technology is working correctly. It’d be awful if you planned on seeing your friends only to find out that your Wi-Fi isn’t working. Double-check your connection before the big night. Also, ensure that everyone knows how to use the intended programs before your virtual night in. Zoom is an excellent option for people who want to video chat with a large group. Just be certain that everyone knows how to log in and use the technology so that you don’t get frustrated when the event arrives.

Bake Together

Once you know that your technology is good to go, consider virtually baking with your girlfriends. You’ll all have a blast on video chat while you get messy in the kitchen. It’d also be fun if you all tried the same recipe. Try out this recipe for acai cheesecake with a hazelnut crust to satisfy your sweet tooth. This healthy dessert alternative will pair nicely with a great glass of wine. Baking together over video chat is an excellent way to stay connected with your girlfriends through this challenging time.

Virtual Fashion Show

Thousands of people across the country are using this time indoors as an opportunity to tackle projects around the house. For example, quarantine is the perfect time to go through your closets. Take out things you haven’t worn in forever and have a virtual fashion show during your girls’ night in. It’ll be hilarious to see what your friends throw together. Be creative, try on hideous bridesmaid dresses that you’ve tried to erase from your memory, or even throw on your wedding dress for a laugh. Hosting a virtual fashion show will help you get your mind off things and you’ll love laughing with your girls.

Yes, things are incredibly hard right now. It’s surreal to think about how the world operated just a few weeks ago. Although times are challenging, everyone must practice social distancing. One way to pass the time inside is to host a virtual girls’ night in with your friends. You’ll feel uplifted after sharing a laugh with the people you love. If we’re all vigilant in this fight against COVID-19, you can have an in-person girls’ night again soon.

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