3 Reasons To Have Your Wedding in the Fall

3 Reasons To Have Your Wedding in the Fall

Having the perfect wedding means choosing the perfect season to say, “I do.” While every time of year has its merits, there are countless reasons to tie the knot during the crisp and colorful autumn months. From glorious weather to the beautiful backdrop of the turning leaves, fall is a great time to gather with your loved ones and celebrate the start of a new life together. If you’re looking at the calendar for a perfect date for your ceremony, check out these three reasons to have your wedding in the fall.

3 Reasons To Have Your Wedding in the Fall

The Beautiful Fall Aesthetic

Everyone wants their wedding to be postcard-worthy. Autumn offers plenty of stunning sights for you and your guests to enjoy. Book a wooded venue, so you can get the most out of the fall foliage. If you plan the event for later in the season, you can enjoy walkways littered with red and gold fallen leaves. The beauty of fall doesn’t stop there, either. Lean into the autumnal aesthetic with apple orchards and pumpkin patches, or simply have a few harvest elements to decorate your venue.

You Can’t Beat the Weather

Of course, one of the best reasons to have your wedding in the fall is so that you and your guests can enjoy the fantastic autumn weather. The heat of summer can melt off your makeup and the freezing chills of winter keep everyone huddled inside, but autumn strikes a perfect balance between the two.

You can rock that long-sleeve wedding dress without overheating. Plus, your guests in suits will be thankful for a cool autumn breeze. The weather is also perfect for an outdoor wedding—which makes social distancing easier for you and your guests. Just make sure you make preparations for rain and other mishaps. When you have a plan in place, your day can still go smoothly no matter what the forecast brings.

Don’t Compete With Summer Vacation

While summer is the prime wedding season, it’s also a popular time for a lot of other events. Pool parties, barbecues, and summer vacations tend to fill up your loved ones’ calendars and make it harder for them to attend your special day. Autumn, on the other hand, is a season of settling in after the summer fun. Your friends and family will have a better chance of making it to your wedding without any scheduling conflicts.

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