20 Gifts for Your Boyfriend This Christmas

Christmas is lurking just around the corner and now is the time to start scouting and researching gifts for your beloved. Don’t let another year of procrastination go by—get ahead of the curve by choosing from this list of 20 items your boyfriend is sure to love.

  1. Smart Home Accessories
    Amazon’s line of Echo speakers allow you to access music, information, weather, news, sports scores and more simply by asking. This hands-free speaker also integrates with various smart home devices and will let him control appliances with his voice.
  2. Broadway Tickets
    Having so much time off during the holidays makes it the perfect time of year to attend a play or a show. Head to your local theater or take a trip to New York to experience the joy and splendor of winter in the city.
  3. Interior Detailing
    With the turn of the weather, chances are your boyfriend’s car is bearing the brunt of the burden. Floor mats and weather paneling are probably showing signs of mud and mess. If your boyfriend loves his car almost as much as he loves you, he’s sure to appreciate a coupon or voucher for an interior detail.
  4. A New Watch
    Women aren’t the only ones that love jewelry. Show him how special he is by buying him a new watch this year for Christmas. If you’re unsure of what brand to settle on, try a Michael Kors watch to make him look good and campaign to stop world hunger.
  5. Fidget Cube
    These gifts make great stocking stuffers. They’re small, affordable, and great accessories for anyone with restless hands.
  6. At-Home Shoe Shiner
    With the wear and tear of weather during the cold months, he could use some products to keep his favorite leather kicks in top-shape. These comprehensive care sets include saddle soap, leather salve, oil, wax and a buffing cloth to keep his shoes both soft and waterproof.
  7. Upgrade His Water Bottle
    Plastic water bottles are neither fashionable nor good for the environment. Give his canteen an upgrade with the deluxe Hydroflask or a beautiful design from S’well.
  8. Futuristic GPS
    Men hate asking for directions. Make his life easier by picking up a technologically-savvy GPS system.
  9. Beard Kit
    Beards are the 2017 trend of the year, especially when the weather gets cold. Help keep his facial hair groomed with a top-selling beard tool or kit.
    20 Gifts for Your Boyfriend This Christmas
  10. New Cologne
    A bottle of cologne is a great fit for any occasion. For a holiday-inspired scent, check out the new Spicebomb for Men by Viktor&Rolf. The bottle itself is a work of art, and the warm spices will stay refreshing all year round.
  11. Phone Case
    Phone cases make great gifts because they’re cheap and great for upgrading an otherwise outdated device. Try a wooden, etched designed for a rustic look he’ll love.
  12. Whiskey Stones
    Men love a stiff drink by the fire. Pop these trendy cubes in the freezer and add them to his favorite glass to keep his drink chilled and undiluted.
  13. Electric Shavers
    Make razor blades a thing of the past by gifting him with an electric shaver. He’ll love how sleek it is and enjoy his newfound ability to shave in any direction.
  14. Ugly Christmas Sweaters
    Fun for parties or the festivities on Christmas day, an ugly Christmas sweater will be reused year after year.
  15. Toiletry Bag
    If your man is frequently on the road, help him ditch the plastic bag he’s been using and upgrade to a stylish travel kit for his toiletries.
  16. Fleece Robe
    These are great for lounging around the house on cold winter days. Turn him into the comfort king with a soft fleece robe.
    20 Gifts for Your Boyfriend This Christmas
  17. Backpack Briefcase
    Traditional cross-body straps are going out of style. Keep him in tune with the trends by giving him a waterproof backpack that’ll still hold his 13-inch laptop.
  18. Science Tee
    For the nerd at heart, consider a NASA graphic tee. These shirts are affordable and great for an understated but sophisticated look.
  19. Designer Fashion
    Go a bit bolder and find some designer clothes to make him stand out in a crowd. Be sure to check out the latest trends to find the best ensemble.
  20. A Framed Picture
    For the sentimental type, a framed picture of a favorite memory is never a bad gift. This gift is meaningful, timeless, and sure to draw a smile upon opening.
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