15 Perfect Gifts for Dad this Christmas

Perfect Gifts for Dad this Christmas

Don’t let a great dad fall victim to Christmas shopping procrastination. Get a head start on your holiday shopping list and avoid a stressful trip to the store on December 24th.Even better, skip a trip to the store altogether and get these gifts online.

15 Perfect Gifts for Dad this Christmas

Whether he’s a golfer, gearhead or grill geek we’ve found 15 gifts that special dad sure to love.

1. Meat Thermometer

Grill outside but game on inside? No Dad wants to miss a point while checking on a burger patty. Let him keep tabs on the game and grill with a Bluetooth meat thermometer. Dad will know the second the steak is done with a handy app that tracks the meat’s temperature on his phone. Now, that’s a score!

2. Personalized Pub Glasses

If your Dad loves to relax with a drink in hand, treat him to personalized pub glasses. Printed with a custom name, year, city this gift is as unique as him. Pairs well with a home brew kit…and wings.

3. Leather Key Holder/Bluetooth Tracking Tag

Does your dad have a lot on his mind? A busy businessman doesn’t need another thing to worry about. Get him a tile tracker so he never has waste time looking for his wallet or keys.

4. Kayaking

When Dad has just about everything, do something! Nothing beats a fun day on the water. For the active dad, try Kayaking instead of fishing. It means less waiting and more rowing.

5. Portable Hammock

Even outdoorsy Dads love a good nap. And what’s better than a good siesta in the sun? Give Dad a portable hammock so he can bring together his love of nature and naps.

6. Guitar Rack

Bring some class to his musical man cave with a guitar rack made from a wine barrel. The sleek design added organization will get you brownie points with Mom too.

7. Sunglasses

Step away from the transition lenses. MVMT offers stylish frames that are anything but “dad”.They come in dozens of different styles and sleek designs. Next, you’ll just have to convince him to ditch the cargo shorts. While shoppingtheir collection, don’t forget to check out these fashion sunglasses for yourself—you’ll thank us later.

15 Perfect Gifts for Dad this Christmas 2

8. Yeti Tumbler

For the caffeine connoisseur, try a tumbler that will keep his coffee hot for hours. Made with durable stainless steel, the tumblers from Yeti are a whole lot manlier than your average coffee mug.

9. Electronic Scale

Give your frequent-flyer father an electronic travel scale. This handy tool makes it easy to see if a bag is under the 50 pound limit. Which means Dad will know exactly how much room he has for souvenirs on the way home.

10. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Give Dad a way to drown out the stress with Noise-Cancelling Headphones from Bose. Talking on a plane or just kids playing in the living room

11. Beard Conditioner/Beard Grooming Kit

Mom will thank you for this one later. Soften up your Dad’s scruff with a beard grooming kit complete with conditioner and combs.

12. Google Home

The dad constantly using text-to-talk (often embarrassingly loud) will love Google Home. When he’s not asking how many people have set foot on the moon, he can use it to control the surround sound, lighting, thermostat and more!

13. Swiss Army Knife

Every do-it-all dad needs a handy Swiss Army Knife. Upgrade his boyscout blade to a sleek multi-tool in a multitude of colors like silver or woodgrain. Have you ever met a dad doesn’t love woodgrain?

14. Home Brew Kit

If golf isn’t your dad’s thing, give him the gift of a hoppy new hobby. Stop by his favorite craft brewery to see if they have home brew starter kits. Just be prepared for your basement to turn into a brewery.

15. Pizza Oven

Help your dad get more out of his grill with astone pizza oven attachment.It sets right on your grill and heats up evenly so you get perfectly crispy crust every time. Can’t you just taste the perfectly crispy crust and tangy tomato sauce? Seems like the whole family could really benefit from this one.

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